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BISC Archives - News 2011

BISC Archives News 2011

*** This page is mainly for ad-hoc news items and One liner & brief news items.

[Added 13th December] Club Ice Update / Dec-Jan 2012

Now that Panto has finished please note that there will be no Club group lessons until the New Year. All Tuesday/Thursday night Club ice will revert to patch/practice and will be available for private lessons.

Also as an fyi this Friday 16th December will be the last Synchro session before Christmas. No Synchro on December 23rd or 30th. Synchro will return on Friday 6th January 6.15pm-8.15pm.

The first Club session will take place on Tuesday 10th January with a BISC New Year Party on ice 5pm-6.30pm. More information will follow nearer the time.

Have a wonderful Christmas/New Year!

Deborah Stevens On behalf of BISC

[Added 13th December] FABULOUS PANTO - WELL DONE!!!

Congratulations on yet another magnificent panto which generated so many favourable comments and positive feedback and most importantly the children appeared to have a lovely time! The panto is very much a team effort which starts with panto committee meetings early in the year to establish choice of panto, voluntary roles and book key dates, scriptwriting and editing, followed by website cast sign up and costume ideas and designs and creation of skating groups in the summer continuing on to soundtrack recording, music cutting, registration of cast, rehearsal scheduling, prop design, painting and set build, costume sewing, programme and photos, make up and hair, chaperoning, newsflashes and website communication, lighting, small props, etc all in the final three months!

The credits and thanks are endless but it is the strength and commitment of our volunteers and our fantastic skaters that enables Bracknell Ice Skating Club to work so successfully with rink management and coaching staff to produce such a wonderful show.

Special thanks this year to Jacqui Adams who took on the role of co-producer along with Jane Jordan and did a terrific job and to Elaine Callaghan who has been our small props manager for many years but is now hoping to retire! Thanks to Charlotte and Jordan and coach Phillip for their specially choreographed exhibition which delighted the audiences of Saturday and Sunday evening.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



For all those who have received a notification card for their dance tests on Thursday 15th December, the date has now changed to Tuesday 20th December. This is due to unforeseen circumstances which means the judge is no longer available on the original date. All times are currently the same but please check the BISC noticeboard regularly for any further changes.

For those of you who had already informed me you are unavailable on this date, your test will be held in credit until the next dance session at Bracknell. If you did not inform me of your unavailability, a doctors note or school note will be required to hold your test in credit. Any queries please contact me as soon as possible.

Anna Bradley - NISA Test Organiser


Thank you to everyone who made a real effort with their costumes yesterday . There were just a few niggles that are outlined below, please check the costume notes for your group and ensure that you are in full costume for the next dress rehearsal. Generally there were a lot of missing boot covers - please check if you should be wearing boot covers, if you do not have them and cannot make them then ebay is usually the easiest source. Thank You

Ladybirds - need black boot covers Flowers and Roses - you need to wear flesh coloured in the boot tights, please ensure that no socks are showing. If you have a flower headdress you need to make sure that no hair shows at the front, you will also need to plait or french-plait hair so that the headdress goes on properly. All headdresses flowers and roses need to be clipped in.

If you are in a black costume you need to wear black boot covers if you are in a silver / white costume you need white boots (or boot covers); if we can find silver boot covers we will provide them next week otherwise stick with white boots; if you are in a silver or white costume and have black boots you will need boot covers to match your costume

Ladies - your skirts need to be longer than your aprons. Flesh coloured in boot tights and white boots (or boot covers) Headscarves need to be worn and clipped in place.

Main group girls- you need to be in white tights and white boots Tamsin/Chloe/Katy flesh in the boot tights, hats firmly clipped in and white or blue shorts.

Please make sure your hat is firmly clipped on; your hair is part of the costume as there is nothing for the neck otherwise -it therefore needs to be worn loose over the shoulders but off the face under the hat

Please ensure you have pinned your wings to your shoulders - also an additional pin holding them to your backs lower down will help prevent them from flapping up. You need to wear black boot covers.

You need your white or blue and white t-shirt from the dockside scene under the cloaks. Please ensure you wear the masks and gloves You need to have the headbands sewn into your hoods to keep the hood up

Please consider your underwear - flesh coloured bras only under the body stocking of the mermaid costumes. Please ensure you are wearing your headdress and that it is securely clipped in.

In boot flesh tights; hairpieces from the mermaid scene should be in.

Need to wear their costumes - these were notable by their absence on Sunday! Hoods need to be up with no hair visible - clipped up if needed.

[Added 29th November] Congratulations to our Senior Dance Couple - Charlotte Hester and Jordan Brown

Bisc is delighted to announce that Charlotte Hester and Jordan Brown have now been awarded both parts of the Senior Ice Dance Competitive test whilst skating at the British Championships at Sheffield this weekend. Charlotte and Jordan are taught by Philip Poole with additional coaching by Joan Slater; they have only been skating together for nine months and both learnt to skate at Bracknell. Congratulations Charlotte and Jordan! Best wishes for all your future events at Senior Level, the club is very proud that you are a truly 'homegrown' Bracknell couple.

[Added 19th November] Sunday Morning Rehearsal Reminder and Pantomime props required

Sunday Morning Rehearsal Reminder:

For all skaters not involved in the Pantomime please be aware that for the next two Sundays morning patch will finish at 7:15am as the Pantomime Rehearsals commence at 7:30am


Final preparations are being made for this year’s panto and we would be grateful of you can help us with the following props: Do you have a guitar or violin that you do not mind lending to us - it will be locked up at night and care will be taken but if you loan it you should be prepared that sometimes things get dropped etc - if you have one that you are prepared to loan that is not too valuable, then please email our prop lead - Elaine on

 Also do you have spare designer shopping bags from stores such as: Jack Wills, Hollister, Harrods, Chanel etc etc -if so please bring them to the rink and give them to Jacqui Adams (Co-producer or Elaine) at the run through this Sunday at 7:30am. Finally Elaine will be stepping down from this role after having served for 10 years for which we would to extend our grateful thanks. Therefore we are now looking for a new prop lead - if you are interested in the role can you please email Elaine (as above) who will explain more about it and arrange for you to accompany her during one of the performances.


[Added 16th November] Panto Scenery Painters / List for Programme

Calling all panto scenery painters – please ensure you let Sarah Payne ( know if you have helped out with the panto scenery painting as we would like to ensure everyone is mentioned in the Panto Programme – see current names listed below for ease of reference.  Additional names needed by this Thursday 17th November latest.


Laurenne Dorgan
John Bailey
Jo Boland
Grace Boland
Mark Stevens
Deborah Stevens
Natalya Posumentov
Caitlin ?
Mairi Schewfelt
Gemma Dawson
Uta Michley
Becky Roberts
Penny Clark
Kumiko  Matsumura
Kate Griffiths
Carole Smith
Caroline Goddard

[Updated 19th November] Southern IJS Open March 2012

** Update 19th November ** Anyone who has or is still considering entering the Southern IJS next March at Lee Valley should be aware that the event has now been extended to a third day - 14th March.
See this link:


BISC would like to advise its members of the the first Southern IJS Singles competition which will take place at Lee Valley on March 12th and 13th 2012, all previous competitions which have been open to level 1 singles and above have taken place in the North of England and Scotland. Although this is several months away there will only be limited places available and already over 60 entries have been received by the organisers. In order to avoid disappointment we would recommend that any interested skaters enter as soon as possible.

All details can be found on the following website:br />



Many congratulations to Charlotte Hester and Jordan Brown who have commendably represented BISC in two IJS competitions. Firstly they achieved second place in the Welsh Senior Dance Championships at Deeside. In the same week they added to this success by obtaining the Senior Short Dance pass mark and a further silver medal at the Mary Groombridge Friendship Trophy, IJS Club International Junior/Senior Dance Competition at Lee Valley, also at Senior level.


[Added 27th September] GALA 2011 - THANKS!

Bracknell Ice Skating Club’s annual gala was once again a tremendous success. Many congratulations and thanks to all our skaters who performed their programmes – you were fantastic and did us proud! A huge amount of work is involved in the organisation of this event and BISC would like to very much thank Committee member Karen Clarke for taking on this responsibility and doing as ever, such a terrific job. Many thanks also go to Karen’s diligent team of helpers who on this occasion were:

Programme compilation - Jo Armitage
Front of house - The Sharpe family, Anna Butler, Kate Whelan, Jo Armitage, Debbie Stevens, Sandra Bland Hospitality - Lesley Brenikov, Rosemary Rogers, Laura Hetebrij, Val Toeman, Leah Rogers, Nicki Torrington Spotlight operators - Colin Rogers, Peter Obray, Steven White Gate steward Toni Barratt
AV room - Kate and Bradley Whelan
Show number coordinator - Laura Hetebrij
Official photographer - John Bailey (Pictures will be available on:
Allison Brown Videoed the gala and is happy to provide copies on a DVD

We would also like to thank coaches and rink staff for their support and assistance throughout the evening. Finally ‘well done’ to Hannah Hetebrij who organised a raffle raising £100 in aid of Children in Need and was assisted on the night by Chloe Sharpe. Thank you to Ingrid Sallons of Madebyi for donating raffle prizes.



Dear members,

Please find attached the Agenda for the BISC AGM as well as Minutes from last year’s meeting and look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday at 7pm.

For reference the BISC Constitution can be viewed on:


 Rosemary Rogers BISC Secretary

BISC AGM Agenda 2011

Minutes AGM 2010


Dear members,

Please find attached Notice of Annual General Meeting for Bracknell Ice Skating Club along with nomination forms for officers and committee members.

Bracknell is one of the largest NISA affiliated clubs in the country and currently has a hard working committee dedicated to supporting and assisting the club and its members in the sport of ice skating. The role of the committee is entirely voluntary and therefore it is essential that the club recruits new committee members each year if it is to continue run all its regular activities and competitions.

The AGM in October is when committee members stand down and new ones elected. This year the club has several roles to fill including Club Secretary and National Team Challenge Representative among others and would very much welcome parents/adult skaters who are prepared to give a couple of hours of their time to assist the sport and the club.

Without its committee members and assistants Bracknell Ice Skating Club would cease to exist and so I would please ask that you give full consideration to this email and the request for volunteers. If you have any questions (without obligation) please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the committee members.

Kind regards



AGM Notice & Nomination Forms:

Notice of AGM 2011

Nomination form officer 2011-12

Nomination form member 2011-12


Panto registration is required for all children on the cast list who are in year 11 and below as they require a performance licence. Children need not attend but a parent or guardian is required to complete paperwork and sign documentation.

Children in year 12 and above and adults on the cast list do not need to attend formal registration and can register at reception by paying the £10 show fee with proof of current BISC membership on or after 13 September. A receipt will be issued for this payment which must be made by 30 September 2011 at the latest.

Items required for registration and performance licence application for children in Year 11 and below:

 Birth certificate of child. (This may be a copy and a copying facility will be available at registration -
          originals are not sent to councils.)

 2 passport sized identical photos of child with child’s full name on the back of each photo. Photos can
           be taken on  digital camera and resized – they do not have to be taken by a official passport photo machine.

 BISC membership card

 £10 Show fee receipt

 Child’s NISA passport if Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

The rehearsal schedule should be sent out by newsflash shortly – please check that your child will be available for all required rehearsals and indeed the performances themselves!

Please email me if you are unable to make the registration for your child.

Chaperones – please email me if you been charged a fee for your licence.

Registration will take place in Honies restaurant which is located upstairs in the rink building – please bring a pen!



Just a reminder that there will be no group lessons on Tuesday and Thursday club sessions this week as it will be patch only. Panto rehearsals start next week –
cast members are reminded that they must pay their show fee by 30 September if they wish to participate.


[Added 20th September] BISC  presents its annual gala this Friday 23rd September, 6.00 – 8.00pm

The gala will feature many of our members who achieved podium positions this year at Open, IJS, National and International competitions.

 The line-up includes free skating from beginner to level 8, ice dance from pre-novice to senior level, group routines, the under 18 synchro team, artistic programs, the NTC show number and an exhibition from Chantelle A’Court and George Kenchadze. Admission to the gala is free and we invite you and your friends and family to come along to support our skaters and enjoy an evening of figure skating.

 If you would like to reserve 10+ seats, please contact Karen Clarke ( )

 We look forward to seeing you there!


[Added 4th September] DANNI’S DANCE CLASS / Pilates Classes



This is a 6 week course as follows: Sept 11th, 18th & 25th, October 2nd, 9th & 16th
£45 per course or £9.50 per 1.5hr session – payable in advance



08.00AM – 09.00AM

Further details to follow nearer the time  

Please email Sandra Bland for further information or make a booking: 

 Registration forms available to download on the BISC website:

The Saturday and Sunday off ice classes are held in the Family Bar/Off Ice Room which is on the far side of the rink above the A/V room.


We have been advised by NISA that, in accordance with ISU and NISA eligibility rules, it is necessary for members of the National and International Development Squad who are participating in the gala to complete an Eligible Skaters Remuneration Agreement (ESRA) and submit it to NISA. This is a requirement, even though the skaters will not receive remuneration.

Skater’s eligibility will only be safeguarded after the completed and signed ESRA has been issued by NISA to the skater.


The application form must be completed by the skater and signed by BISC (the ‘contractor’), the skater and the skater’s parent if the skater is under the age of 18. The BISC gala has been sanctioned by NISA and a copy of the exhibition permit must be attached to the application form.

The form can be downloaded from the NISA website, here:

To obtain a copy of the permit and the BISC signature or for any further information,
please contact Karen Clarke ( )

The ESRA must be submitted to NISA for review no later than 2 weeks prior to the gala so please do not delay. The form should reach NISA no later than 9 September 2011.

BISC is not responsible for protecting the eligible status of individual skaters. The submission of the relevant paperwork is the responsibility of skaters and parents.

[Added 17th July] BISC Annual Gala, Friday 23 September 2011, 6.00 - 8.00pm

This year's gala will include a group free skating routine and a group dance routine.  The invitation to take part in either of these groups is open to members who have achieved podium places in 2011 or who have represented Bracknell at either level 4 and above (free) or pre-novice and above (dance), and who are not performing individual programmes. 

Further details and sign-up forms can be found by clicking on the 'Annual BISC Gala' in the main menu at:

[Updated 27th July]  Membership year comes to an end on the 31st July + Monthly Patch Vouchers

All BISC members are reminded that the membership year comes to an end on the 31st July and renewals are now being requested for the year commencing 1st August 2011.

If you wish to continue your membership with the club, then please renew as soon as possible in order to continue to receive the following benefits:-
• Subsidised group lessons
• Use of club patches
• Monthly patch vouchers (See Note)
• Chance to be selected to perform in Christmas panto
• Chance to be selected to perform in gala and other shows
• Participation in synchronized skating teams
• And plenty of other benefits

Please Note: Anyone wishing to purchase a monthly patch voucher for August must be a paid-up club member. The staff on reception have been informed that no patch vouchers will be sold to anyone who does not present their current membership card to them as proof of membership. Membership cards are available from Nicki Torrington or can be collected from the box in reception, but please allow a few days for printing after submitting your membership form.

Code of Conduct: Please be aware that it is necessary for all skaters and parents to read and sign the club’s Code of Conduct on the reverse of the membership form. Failure to do so will result in non-acceptance of your membership application. Membership cards will be issued and these will be required to be shown to the staff on reception as proof of membership in order to purchase monthly patch vouchers.

These will be available to collect from Nicki Torrington or from the club box that is situated inside the central pod in reception. (Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time you hand in your application form).

Membership forms can be collected from the club box in reception, or downloaded from our website:-

Click Here To Download Membership Application Form

[Added 11th July]  Fun night party on Tuesday 19th of July from 5.00-6:30pm on ice.
BISC will be holding a fun night party on Tuesday 19th July from 5.00-6.30pm on ice - please see attached poster.

It will consist of different games and competitions throughout and there will be prizes for the competition winners. This is for club members only and you can only attend if you are a member of BISC. Previous parties held by BISC have been very successful and everyone that went really enjoyed it. We are hoping that this party will be just as fun for everyone that attends.

Any queries please don't hesitate to contact BISC's newly appointed Junior Reps - Chloe Sharpe and Jenna Ford.

Sign up for the panto has now closed and cast lists are being assembled. As previously stated the size of the cast will be dependant upon the number of volunteer chaperones particularly for the lower level groups and those parents who are able to help with this task are now asked to to confirm and respond to this email.

There are three categories of chaperoning.

•  A parent chaperones their own child or children for all 7 performances.
•  A parent has a valid CRB check and is able to assist a licenced chaperone for one or more performances for
   their allocated group.
•  A parent has applied to their local council and has a full chaperone/matron licence and is available for one or
   more performances to look after children in their allocated group.Parents whose children are new to the panto
   this year and have already contacted me re applying for chaperone licences do not need to respond.

Any queries please do not hesitate to email me.

Many thanks

[Updated 17th June]  BISC Ice Dance Competition Tuesday 14th June @ 5pm

Click here.. Full competition results

Click here.. For complete information, Picture Slideshow and rules


[Added 8th June]  Pilates + FLEX/STRETCH AND STREETDANCE + Classes re-commence 11th/12 June respectively.

[Added 7th June]  BISC May/June half term 2011 IJS Ice Skate Camp

News bulletin of the recent BISC May/June half term 2011 IJS Ice Skate Camp

[Added 7th June]  Next Skate Sale

The next skate sale will be on Saturday 18th, June 9.15am -10.45am - Click here for more information

[Added 28th May]  The panto for 2011 is Beauty and the Beast on Ice.

The panto for 2011 is Beauty and the Beast on Ice and performance dates are 7th, 8th, 9th 10th and 11th December (Wed – Sun inclusive).

Please click here for more information and booking.

[Added 21st May]  Recruiting for Synchro Skating!

Synchro are now recruiting for new season

[Updated 22nd May] May Half Term Ice Skate Camp

May Half Term Ice Skate - All Registration Forms and Payment must be returned by Tuesday 24th MAY LATESTDownload forms here:

Free Skating Form May 2011

Ice Dance Form May 2011

Please Note: BISC are aware that due to several skaters taking exams after half term it has been difficult to make such a huge commitment to attend all 3 days due to revision, etc. Therefore, it has been decided should any skater wish to book only one day or two days we would be happy to accommodate them.
The cost for one day is £32.00 and two days is £64.00.
Please complete the registration forms ( and return complete with cheque by Tuesday 24th May to the BISC box located in the reception pod.

[Added 1st May]  Bracknell Open Competition and Results
The Bracknell Ice Skating Opens 2011 are now complete and all the results can be viewed by clicking -
** Bracknell Opens 2011 Results **

[Added 30/Apr] Off Ice Street Dance / Flex & Stretch
SUNDAY 1st MAY 2011, 10.00-11.30
(additional course dates - 8th May; 15th May; 22nd May; 29th May)
Our brand new Off Ice Class to help improve your competitive skating edge re-commences this Sunday 1st May!
Come along and experience a truly outstanding dance & exercise class, learn to keep fit and enjoy yourselves at the same time! Modern, funky, fun and up to date! This session is open to all BISC members - look forward to seeing you there!

 on Wednesday 6 April
Bracknell Ice Skating Club has been selected to host a consultation meeting with NISA regarding the board's requirement to revise its Articles of Association and General Rules following a legal dispute.

This is one of eight meetings being held between March and May 2011 attended by NISA's Chief Executive and a member of the current board who will give a presentation of approximately 40 minutes. There will be an opportunity for discussion and for members to ask questions and to give feedback on the proposal.

Please find attached an article from this month's ISkate magazine which is self explanatory and further information, including the draft Articles of Association and General Rules can be found on the following link. 
The meeting is being held on Wednesday 6 April in rink hospitality, starting at 7pm and we have been advised that it is open to NISA members and parents. Tea and coffee will be provided.

[Updated 3/Mar] Jazz Dance / Ballet Courses - March 2011
Here are the new dates for BISC’s Jazz & Ballet Classes. Newcomers always welcome, just turn up for a free trial first session !

SUNDAY - JAZZ DANCE : 09.45 - 10.45
March 6th, 13th & 27th
April 3rd
£16.00 payable in advance / cheques payable to Bracknell Ice Skating Club

SUNDAY - BALLET : 10.45 - 11.45
March 6th, 13th & 27th
April 3rd
£16.00 payable in advance / cheques payable to Bracknell Ice Skating Club

These Saturday and Sunday off ice classes are held in the Family Bar/Off Ice Room which is on the far side of the rink above the A/V room. Please contact Sandra Bland for further information or to make a booking.

[Updated 3/Mar] Pilates Course - March 2011
Please note that we are now starting (due to popular request) a new Pilates course on Saturday 5th March kicking off at 8:00am.

The advantages of Pilates is to give you great core stability while toning your body and restoring fitness - this not only is beneficial for skaters but also for Mums and Dads who could be benefiting from Pilates while their children skate. It is also very beneficial for people who suffer from back problems.

The course will run for 6 sessions this term to coincide with the Rink classes, and will only cost a total of £30.00 for members of BISC and £42 for non members - if however you join BISC as an associate member you could save money. Associate membership is £6.

You will need:
Comfortable clothes eg. track suit, Yoga mat, Water
To register for this course, please contact Laurenne Dorgan.