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Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Skate Sales


Club Second Hand Skate Sales

The skate club runs second hand skate sales on Saturday mornings about once a month where you can sell and buy secondhand skates, blades, dresses and outfits. The skate sale dates are usually posted on the club notice board about 2 weeks in advance of the sale date, and on the website (here).

BISC Skate Sale will be Potentially September/October 2019

If you wish to sell items:

Note: The club takes 10% of any sale price as commission. The proceeds go directly to the club funds.

Bring along skates, costumes, surplus kit to the table any time from about 9.00 onwards (usually the earlier the better) and be sure someone acknowledges seeing what you are selling.

If you have a lot of items to sell please fill in an item description form so that we have a record of what you have put in for sale. You can complete the forms before the sale if you wish - copies can be downloaded here:

Click here for Microsoft Word (.doc) version of the item description form

Click here for PDF version of the item description form


Clearly mark any items to be sold with the details below, typically on a white paper sticker:

Your name

The size (especially helpful for skates)

The selling price (remember you will get 90% of what you mark if the item/s sell)

If you are unsure what price to ask we can usually give some guidance

Please tie laces of skates together so they do not get seperated

Return to the table at the end of the marked time (usually between 10.45-11.00) to:

Collect your money from any items which were sold.

You will be asked to sign for receipt of any money.

Collect any unsold items

Please ensure that you do collect money / unsold items on the day as we have very limited storage space and so cannot usually hold items until the next sale.

If you wish to buy items:

Remember to bring some cash or a cheque book & card with you (Regretfully we cannot accept credit / debit cards)

Visit the table after the sale start time (typically 9.00am).

You can try on skates to see if they fit but for insurance reasons you are not allowed go on the ice (unless you have actually purchased the skates). If you wish to try on some of the skates please be sure to let one of the sale team know.

We will try to give honest advise on state and suitability of any particular skates.

You cannot usually try on any outfits (as they may damage easily)

Skate sizes available tend to vary from sale to sale so if you do not find something one time come back next time. It is also a good idea to visit a few times during any one sale as items do often arrive for sale throughout the morning.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Hockey skates are welcome - we often have the odd pair on the table - but we have no experience of size, suitability etc.. if you are buying these.

BISC cannot accept any responsibility for the state or suitability of items offered for sale, or for damage to items left for sale. We will offer honest opinions on state / suitability and will refuse to accept items which appear to be in a dangerous condition.

Unfortunately we cannot refund for items once purchased but you can always bring skates back to sell at a subsequent sale (we will take 10% commission on any sale).

If you have any questions please email: