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BISC Archives - Competitions 2007

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Competitions 2007

The following open competitions were run by the Bracknell Ice Skating Club during 2007.

BISC Competition Dates:

Date/s Event Comments
20th Feb 2007  Club Dance competition Results
6th March 2007 Club ARTISTIC competition Results
27th March 2007 Club BONNY GARNER competition Results
23rd - 27th April 2007  Bracknell Opens  
20th May 2007   Bracknell Inter-Club Artistic  
5th June 2007 Club Adult (18 & over) competition Results
28th - 29th June 2007  Bracknell Adult Opens  
10th July 2007   Club Dance competition  
16th October 2007 Club Spin/Spiral/Jump competition