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BISC Archives 2007 - Synchro Fusion Two

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Archives - Synchro Skating 'Fusion Two' - 2007

Fusion Two at the British RJS Sychronized Skating Championships 2007

Fusion Two at the Bracknell Team Challenge 2007

After winning the gold medal at the Bristish RJS Syncronized Skating Championships at Sheffield, Fusion Two went on to win another gold medal at the Bracknell Team Challenge; helping the Bracknell team to come second in the competition.

Fusion Two (Elementary) Team Members 2007/2008

Captain : Bryony Thiele
Co-Captain : Rachel Teale

Amy Wakefield
Becky Adams
Bryony Thiele
Chantelle Dale
Chloe McAree
Emma Holder
Emily Evans
Kaya Dewulf
Lotttie Adams
Maddy Sumner
Rachel McAree
Rachel Teale
Tanith Turner
Tanith Turner
Yasmin Territt