Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

Adult / Late Teen Event Results June 2007

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Adult / Late Teen Event 5th June 2007 Results

BISC Adult and Late Teen Competition Tuesday 5th June 2007 Final Results

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Free Skating Levels 1 and 2

1 Gail Tudor
2 Lesley Brenikov
3 Svetlana Goggins

Free Skating Level 3 and Over

1 Rachel Jarvis
2 Nicki Torrington

Improvisation - Any Level

1 Rachel Kellas
2 Rachel Jarvis
3 Gail Tudor
4 Ian Turner

A special award was given to John and Lorraine Bailey for their performance in the intermediate pairs class.

Many thanks to all the under 18 helpers who helped to make the over 18 event a success:

- Amy Barnes
- Jordan Brown
- Olivia Clarke
- Charlotte Hester
- Bethany Jarvis