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BISC - Newsletter April 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - April 2005

All Geared Up For A Cracking Open

The partial introduction of the New Judging System has taken its toll on entries for the Bracknell Open.

Instead of the usual 8-10 Opens, including Bracknell, being accredited as junior and senior championship qualifiers, NISA has limited the number to three.

It means none of the top level skaters who usually compete at Bracknell will be here this year.

But a surge in the number of entries for the Bracknell solo dance qualifier - partly because it is one of only six this year - means the overall total is almost on a par with last year's record of 430.

This year's 404 entries includes 110 dance compared to 91 last year and 294 free compared to 340.

The event begins on Sunday, April 24 with novice and primary solo dance qualifiers and continues next day with junior, intermediate and senior qualifiers. There are also free dance competitions each day.

The following three days are devoted to free skating with beginners and Level 1 on the Tuesday, through to Levels 6-9 ladies and men, higher standard ladies, novice and primary ladies and beginner and novice pairs on Thursday.

As it makes a big difference to competitors to have an audience, please plan your week so you have time to attend and cheer the skaters on - especially those representing BISC.

Fine Performances in Free Event

A total of 31 club members competed in the club's annual free skating competition on March 22 - two more than last year even though this time there was no pairs.

The extra skaters were both in the lowest two classes where, once gain, it was a shame that the boys were treated separately, even though they skated with the girls.

There still seems no good reason why the two sexes shouldn't compete together at the lower levels in club competitions because boys generally do not become significantly stronger until they are older and standard tests are the same for boys and girls.

However although there were few surprise results, there were some good performances and it was pleasing to see some skaters moving up several places from last year. Most notable among these were Zoe Mc-Bride who moved up five places to come second in the Bonny Cup and Rhiannon Bailey who moved from tenth to sixth in the Garner Trophy.


Garner Trophy (under Level 2) girls: Amber-Jayne Holmes 1st, Amy Barnes 2nd, Olivia Wessendorf 3rd, Sophie Torrington 4th, Rachael Potts 5th, Rhiannon Bailey 6th, Hannah Price 7th, Yasmin Bell 8th, Ellie Hetebrij 9th, Olivia Bates 10th, Kali Turner 11th; boys: Harvey Clarke 1st;

Bonny Cup (under Level 4) girls: Hannah Connor 1st, Zoe McBride 2nd, Anna Minchinton 3rd, Sadie Robbins 4th, Rachel Kellas 5th, Emily Kellas 6th, Olivia Clarke 7th; boys: Jordan Brown 1st;

Novice Cup (under Level 6) girls: Bethany Jarvis 1st, Seren Tudor 2nd, Cara Rogers 3rd, Hannah Hetebrij 4th; boys: David Truby 1st, James Bailey 2nd;

Bracknell Cup (under Level 8) girls: Charlotte Hester, 1st, boys: Chris Kerr 1st;

Elite Trophy (Level 8 & above) ladies: Claire Miller 1st, Leah Rogers 2nd; men: Simon Waller, 1st.


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