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BISC - Newsletter April 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - April 2005

Skaters Shine in Internationals


Three BISC skaters have proved a credit to their club and country by their performances in international competitions.

Dancers Rebecca Forsyth, 14, and Christopher Hockaday, 15, entered the Spring Cup in Talinn, Estonia, where the primary class had 15 couples. They came 5th in the Kilian and 6th in the Tango to be 5th overall after the compulsories on April 2, and went on to come 5th in the free dance next day to finish 5th overall.

“Apparently they skated their best ever and were clean on everything,” said David Phillips who coaches the couple with his wife, Lucine.

“It is a superb result. It really is a great success for them. Although they were beaten by two couples from the United States, and skaters from the Ukraine and Germany, it is excellent that they beat skaters from Belarus, Russia and Poland which are all good skating nations.”

Figure skater, Simon Waller, 18, proved he is on track for success this year when he competed in the Europa Cup in Pinzolo, Italy, on April 5 and 6.

One of six junior men, Simon, coach-ed by Jon Bonny, had a superb practice session in which he landed all his triple jumps cleanly. But he fell off the landing of the triple loop and singled out the double axel in the short programme. However his overall performance, particularly the artistic side, was good enough to place him 3rd. His performance in the long programme next day was not so good and he came 4th which meant he dropped to 4th overall.

“It would have been nice to win a medal but I am not discouraged,” he said. “The three above me had all competed at the Junior World Championships and while I didn't beat them, I was certainly in touch with them. I know that when I get it all together this season, I'll be a force to reckon with in this country.”

Tuesdays - Time to Sharpen Your Edges

While discussions continue about the use of club ice on Tuesday evenings, the club and coaches have agreed that the whole of that time should be devoted to group lessons with the following structure:

5-5.30pm - group lessons for Level 2 and over free skaters and dancers;.

5.30-6pm - edge class for all club skaters. This will be similar to the Annie's Edges run at the Easter skating camp but adapted for the various levels. There will be no distinction between disciplines since all skaters need to have good edges.

6-6.45pm - group lessons for Level 1 and under free skaters and dancers and all synchro skaters. These will concentrate on teaching and reinforcing basic elements.

Details still have to be ironed out and a syllabus has to be agreed for each group. More details will follow - watch out for a newsflash or notice on the noticeboard.

The question of who is allowed to put on music was also clarified. Rink policy is that only coaches should put on music, and have priority over skaters in this respect, but skaters who are aged 16 and over, or skaters who have reached level 6 in either free or dance, will be allowed to put on their music, with their coach's permission. This policy will now be adopted for club ice too.

The club has also decided that 5-5.30pm on Fridays - if shown on the ice usage sheet on the BISC noticeboard as 'club patch' - may be used for private lessons. If, however, the ice is allocated specifically for a particular group of skaters, then unless otherwise notified, these half hours are for practice only - no private lessons allowed.

Progress is also being made on the motivation charts and on individual progress booklets in which each skater can record all the moves and elements they can properly execute and the tests they have passed. Coaches are currently checking the information on the test chart and advising on the content of the motivation chart and progress booklets. Hopefully they will appear within the next month with details about how to get copies of the booklet.

The club is also holding a seminar and demonstration to help skaters do better in tests and competitions; and a suitable instructor has been found for the fitness sessions. See back page for further details.

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