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BISC - Newsletter November 2003

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - November 2003


Test Success

Congratulations to the following club members who passed NISA tests at Bracknell on November 11:

Hannah Connor - prelim field moves;
Sally-Anne Adams - prelim field moves, Level 1 elements and free;
Hannah Byrne - Level 2 free;
Nicki Torrington - Level 1 and 2 elements and Level 2 free;
Rebecca Brenikov - Level 2 elements and free;
Rachel Connelly - inter-bronze field moves;
Hannah Hetebrij - inter-bronze field moves, Level 3 elements and free;
Laura Connor, Olivia Dick and Victoria Squibb - bronze field moves;
Luc Tudor - bronze Field Moves, Level 4 elements and free;
Holly Kirkbride - inter-silver field moves;
Chris Kerr - Level 6 free.

.Well Done Gemma

Gemma Cross, 14, has been named Synchro Skater of the Month for October for being an excellent team member - reliable, punctual and supportive of the whole team. She has been a synchro skater for three years and, after skating with teams based at Slough and Solihull, joined the Bracknell/Slough mixed age team, Ice Fusion, in April. She also skates with Bracknell's novice Ice Precise team.

Children in Need

Part of the BBC's annual charity fundraiser, Children in Need, will come live from the JNLC on November 21. The BBC is expected to show BISC's Ice Fusion synchro team skating their pantomime programme at about 6.30-6.45pm, and the Jesters' panto chorus is expected to be shown at about 8.55pm.


The last edition of BISC News stated that Nicki Torrington had come 5th out of 6 in the 18-35 age group in the elementary free skating class at the British Adult Ice Skating Championships. We are pleased to report that, in fact, Nicki came 4th.

Oxford Open

Just two members competed in the Oxford free skating open, the last one this year. Jessica Ledermann came 5th and Olivia Clarke came 9th out of 10 in the Level 2/3 class.

Triple First

Simon Waller has become the first home-grown Bracknell skater to land double axels and triple jumps. The 16-year-old, who has set several club records, broke an ankle while first learning the triple salchow. Now he consistently lands clean triple salchows and toe loops … and makes them look as almost easy as singles! He hopes to qualify for next year's British Senior Men's Championship

Baby Congratulations

Congratulations to the club's synchro coaches, Lucine and David Phillips on the birth of their second daughter, Emily Lucine, who weighed in at 7lb 12oz on October 21.

200 Club

The winners of the September 200 Club draw were the Mae McCole (£38) and Di Heathcote (£9). The tickets, as usual, were drawn by rink reception staff.

Have you paid?

Don't forget that anyone who skates on club ice on Wednesdays must pay at reception for each part of the session they skate on-ie, 6.15-6.45pm, 6.45-7.30pm and 7.30-8pm.

Tickets must be handed to the duty committee member at the gate before going on the ice at the start of each session.

Copies of BISC News with colour photographs are now available, priced £1. Members can still get black and white copies free as part of their membership.

Diary Dates

2-6: British Primary, Junior and Senior Championships, Sheffield.
10: Pantomime, 6.30pm.
11: Pantomime, noon.
12: Pantomime, 7pm.
13: Pantomime, 2pm & 6pm.
14: Pantomime, 2pm & 6pm.
11-14: Junior Grand Prix final, Malmo, Sweden.
11-14: Junior Grand Prix Final, Malmo Sweden 12-14: Grand Prix final, Colorado Springs, USA.
15: Regional tests Murrayfield
31: BISC 200 Club Draw

10: Sale of secondhand skates, clothes, etc Rinkside, 10:30am
12: Regional tests, Alex. Palace
13; Regional tests, Coventry
19-25: Four Continents Championships, Hamilton, Canada.
25: British Synchronised Skating Championships
28: BISC Artistic Competition 6:15pm

2-8: European Championships, Budapest, Hungary.
13-14: British Novice Championships, Sheffield

1-7: Junior World Championships, The Hague, Holland.
22-28: World Championships, Dortmund, Germany.

19-23: Bracknell Open-Solo Ice Dance (19th), free (20th-23rd).

25-26: Bracknell Adult Open (free and artistic 25th, dance 26th).

24-25: British Solo Ice Dance Championships.

BISC News can only include details about how members are doing if it hears from them. Please make sure you keep the club informed by telling publicity officer, Scott Waller, about your achievements. You can do this by talking to Scott at the rink or by leaving a note for her either at the club table or rink reception.

Bracknell Ice Skating Club supports SKATING FOR ALL

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