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What is synchronized skating?

Synchronized (synchro) skating is a competitive sport involving a team of between 9 and 16 skaters who perform highly practised group moves in perfect unison to music. In fast-paced routines, skaters form circles, lines, blocks, wheels and intersections choreographed to allow for expression and interpretation of the music. Teams are judged on these elements in addition to their edge work, program difficulty, style and artistic expression. We currently have one adult team, two under 18 teams and a newly formed team of 10-12yr olds. The coaches are, Terri Smith and Hannah Hetebrij.

The Adult Fusion team are currently British and Scottish Champions. Although skaters and numbers in the team have changed since it was formed in 2009 the consistency and dedication for the team have never wavered, resulting in two gold and two silver, in 4 Championships over the last two years.

New members for all teams would be most welcome. All that is required is to have passed the Skate UK courses which are offered at most ice rinks. Skaters will be allocated to the team that is suitable for their ability.

Historically our teams have done well at all levels. Synchro skating combines the beauty, elegance and difficulty of freestyle skating with the advantages and excitement of a team sport.

How do I get started?

If you would like to join our synchro teams you will need to:

Be an excellent team member with a positive attitude

Have passed the rink's Level 10 learn to skate course or higher

Be a Bracknell Ice Skating Club member

Practise regularly with the team by attending all on-ice and off-ice sessions

Download and review our Synchro Leaflet Here.

Still interested? Then come and meet our teams and join us for 2 week free trial during our Friday practice sessions.

If you are interested in joining synchro please contact:

Bev Winspur -

What is the cost of joining?

To cover coaching costs all on and off ice training you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee. These subs need to be paid via a bank standing order. The fee is £60 per skater. There is also a one-off joining fee of £20.

In addition to the monthly subscription fee you will need to pay competition costs, for example competition fees and travel costs.

When and where?

Training sessions run throughout the year i.e. 48 weeks a year! Any updates to the training timetable are notified to you by the team manager via email.

Training times: Junior and Preliminary Teams On Ice Friday evenings 5pm - 6:45pm

If I decide to join what will I need?

You will need figure skates, skate guards, black team t-shirt, plain black skating leggings (no bling), no jewellery and hair tied neatly back from the face and in a bun.

 ** Important Fusion Code of Conduct Documents **

Fusion Alternatives & Crossovers

FUSION Behaviour Policy for Committee Members, Chaperone, Coaches.

FUSION Codes of Conduct for Parents and Guardians

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FUSION Behaviour of Skaters at Competitions

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