Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Club Dress Sales


Dear Members,

Dates of planned skate/dress sales will be displayed here. If there is no date shown at the moment, then we do not have a planned sale at this point.

Skate/dress sales are reliant on volunteers to run them and as soon as we have a planned date we will publish it here and by newsflash to members.

Thank You BISC.


Competition Dress Sales

These are in addition to the Skate Sales run on Saturday mornings. We hope to have a selection of second hand dresses along with independent sellers of new items.

** The next dress sale is: See Message Above **


This is an opportunity to turn out those old dresses that don’t fit anymore, sell them on and find something to replace them with. No eBay, No searching around shops, No Hassle. Please pass this information on to all skaters and especially ex-skaters who may still have dresses they want to part with.

If you wish to sell items

Note that the club takes 10% of any sale price as commission. The proceeds go directly to the club funds.

Bring along dresses, costumes etc.. to the table before 17.00 if possible (the earlier the better) and be sure
          someone acknowledges what you are selling. 

No skates at these sales - to sell skates see about our Skate Sales.

Clearly mark any items to be sold with the details below, typically on a white paper securely fastened to
          each item:

          - Your name

          - The size / age

          - The selling price (remember you will get 90% of what you mark if the item/s sell)

          -  If an outfit consists of multiple pieces it is advisable to mark each piece with details and indicate something like
              "Part of X piece outfit"

          -  If you have a photo of the dress being worn this can also help people see what the dress can look like.

Fill in a dress sale form so that we have a record of what you have put in for sale. You can complete the
          forms before the sale if you wish - copies can be downloaded here:

          - Click here for Word (.doc) version of dress sale form
          - Click here for PDF version of dress sale form

Return to the table at the end of the sale time (6.30) to

          - Collect your money from any items which were sold. (You will be asked to sign for receipt of any money).

          - Collect any unsold items

Please ensure that you do collect money / unsold items on the day as we have very limited storage
          space and so cannot usually hold items until the next sale.

If you wish to buy items

Remember to bring some cash or a cheque book & card with you
           (Regretfully we cannot accept credit / debit cards)

Visit the table after the sale start time (17.00).

There will be changing facilities so that you can try on items to see if they fit but NOT IN SKATING BOOTS.


Miscellaneous Notes

BISC cannot accept any responsibility for the state or suitability of items offered for sale, or for
          damage to or loss of items left for sale.

Unfortunately we cannot refund for second hand items once purchased but you can always
          bring them back to sell at a subsequent sale (we will take commission on any subsequent sale).

Items bought from any independent sellers at the event are subject to the terms and conditions of those sellers.