Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

Bracknell Ice Skating Club

Opens Competition Results For Bracknell Members

Many of our skaters have been successfully participating in Open competitions over the last few months. We would like say ‘very well done’ to everyone and congratulations to those who achieved podium positions!


                                                                                                 Yu Matsumura 1st

Yu Matsumura

Lee Valley Open Results

Level 3 Ladies 13 & over:

Yu Matsumura 1st

Level 4 Ladies 13 & under:

 Bethany Armitage 8th, Annabel Britton 13th

Level 4 Ladies 14 & over:

 Sophie Torrington 10th

Level 6 Ladies:

 Laura Sabaliauskaite 2nd, Grace Boland 11th

Milton Keynes Open Results

Level 3 Ladies:

Charlotte Payne 7th

Level 3 Men:

Jacob Payne 1st

Level 5 Ladies:

Charlotte Varney (representing Cannock) 3rd

Level 6 Ladies:

Grace Boland 2nd

Basingstoke Open Results

Beginner Ladies 7 years and under:

Brooke Turner 12th

Beginner Ladies 10 years:

Honor Collingwood 11th , Ylona Wright 17th

Beginner Men:

Pelham Wright 10th

Level 1 Ladies 9 & under:

Anna Mitchley 4th

Level 1 Ladies 10 & 11 years:

Chesnee Edwards-Drew 10th

Level 1 Men:

Thomas Turner 1st, James Batchelor 2nd

Level 2 Ladies 11 & under:

Rebecca Smith 13th

Level 3 Ladies:

Charlotte Adams (representing Basingstoke) 13th , Ella Rhodes (representing Basingstoke) 15th

Level 3 Men:

Jack Osman 1st

Level 4 Ladies:

Rachael Potts 6th, Annabel Britton 7th, Bethany Armitage 10th , Chloe Randall-Hinton 16th

Level 5 Ladies:

Sarah Wakefield 1st, Megan Rhodes (representing Basingstoke) 7th, Charlotte Varney 10th

Level 6 Ladies:

Grace Boland 3rd, Laura Sabaliauskaite 4th

Level 8 Ladies:

Laura Crawford (representing Basingstoke) 3rd

Solo Artistic:

Grace Boland 7th, Jessica Morton 10th

Group Artistic:

Annabel Britton & Bethany Armitage 8th