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BISC - Newsletter May 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - May 2006


Test successes

Congratulations to the following BISC members who passed NISA free skating tests on May 5:
Harvey Clarke, Alaksei Pilko and
Charlotte Pollecut-Gray - Levelfield moves, elements and free;
Anastasia Brenikov, Emily Kellas and Zoe McBride - Level 3 field moves, elements and free;
Rebecca Forsyth - Level 3 elements and free and Level 4 elements;
Alison Ryder - bronze field moves;
Laura Connor - inter-silver field moves.
And congratulations to the following members who passed NISA dance tests on May 15:
Jordan Brown - Level 2 compulsory dance and Level 2 variation;
Laura Kerr - Level 2 and 3 compulsory and Level 2 and 3 variation;
Hayley Salmon - Level 3, 4 and 5 free dance;
Paul Dredge - Level 4 and 5 original;
Laura Hartley - Level 6 and 7 original;
Charlotte Hester and Fiona Piggott - Level 7 original;
Michelle Bannister - Level 9, parts 1 and 2, compulsory.

Synchro latest

The synchro taster sessions are proving very popular … and successful. There are now 11 skaters in the club’s synchro development team and only two of them were with synchro last season. They have a 1min 30sec programme which they hope to compete with at the National Team Challenge final (at Bracknell on June 25). They also hope to skate it in a demonstration at Slough on July 1 and may compete with it in the Southern League at the end of October.
The next synchro development sessions are on June 16 and July 7.

Junior rep

Amy Barnes,15, has been co-opted to the BISC committee as a Junior Representative. The club is still seeking a male junior rep aged 14-18 to help
convey ideas and concerns between the club’s younger members and the committee and to help organise the summer fun night and New Year party. Anyone interested should have a word with club chair Roy Welham.

Publicity officer sought

The committee is looking for a new publicity officer following the resignation of Scott Waller who has served in that capacity for nearly eight years.

Scott has stood down to have more time to devote to her paid work which includes the recent formation of a business partnership with fellow club member Laurenne Dorgan to launch a national magazine on British skating later this summer. Called iSKATE, there will be 10 editions a year focussing on all aspects of skating — from beginners visiting rinks for the first time to international competitors.

BISC’s publicity officer’s post encompasses various facets including compiling, editing and printing the club’s monthly newsletter, writing weekly press releases for the local newspapers, drawing up flyers and posters, and acting as club PRO in dealing with press and other enquiries, particularly those via the club’s website. Anyone who might be interested should speak to club chair Roy Welham.


The four Wednesday club sessions between the last NTC rehearsal and the summer holidays, when group lessons are suspended, have been designated as follows:
June 28 and July 19: reserved for those competing in the solo dance championships - each skater should be able to have a run-through, with music, of their compulsory and free dances.
July 5 and 12: - gala rehearsals for all skaters.
Skaters competing in the Bracknell Adult Open will be able to run through their programmes in competition conditions after the NTC final on Sunday, June 25.

Diary Dates
28-29: Solo dance qualifier, NIC
5-7: Milton Keynes Open
17: BISC sale of secondhand
skates, clothes, etc, rinkside
9am - last one before Sept.
19: BISC committee mtng, 7pm
20: BISC Gala cast registration
& video viewing, 7.15pm
24-25: Deeside Open
25: National Team Challenge
final at Bracknell
26-28: Basingstoke Open
29: Bracknell Adult Open (free)
30: Bracknell Adult Open
3-5: Guildford Open
8-9: Hull Open
22-23: Solo Dance Champion-
ships, iceSheffield
22-23: World Ice Challenge,
26-28: Free and dance training
camp at Bracknell.
26-27: Ayr Open
29-Sep 3: NJS Open at iceSheffield
3: Bristol Open
13-16: International figure skating
competition, Basingstoke
18: Chelmsford Open
22: BISC Gala
25: Swindon Open
30-Oct 1: Adult Championships,
Lee Valley
30-Oct 1: Dundee Open
2-3: Streatham Open
8: Valley Adult Open
9-11: Alexandra Palace Open
14-20: Scottish Championships,
11: BISC Barn Dance with
Kick Shins, 7.30pm
13-14: Coventry Open
20-24: Welsh Championships,
JANUARY 2007 :
9-13: British Championships
22-28: European Championship, Warsaw, Poland
5-11: Four Continents Champion-
ship, TBA

BISC News can only include details about how members are doing if it hears from them. Please make sure you keep the club informed by telling publicity officer, Scott Waller, about your achievements. You can do this by talking to Scott at the rink or by leaving a note for her either at the club table or rink reception.

Bracknell Ice Skating Club supports SKATING FOR ALL

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