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BISC - Newsletter May 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - May 2006

Russians' Snow White provides a lot to aspire to


Nearly 50 BISC members and their families went on a coach trip organised by BISC on May 7 to the New Theatre, Oxford, to see The Russian All Stars in SnowWhite on Ice.
The show provided a lot to aspire to, particularly on the artistic front, with the skaters portraying the classic story in a unique style. Without the use of words, the skating alone was largely responsible for telling the tale. (imagine how hard it would be to perform the pantomime without words!)

Catching our eyes with their hilarious comedy routines, and becoming the main topic for conversation on the coach back home, were the birds. The ‘ducks’ entertained everyone with their light hearted slap stick duets including shadowing of the other characters and turkey inspired positions! In contrast to the ‘ducks’, the ‘crow’ added a dark depth to the performance through his sinister interpretation of the classical music. At a guess some people found them more annoying than amusing!

On a more technical note there were not a huge amount of difficult jumps in the show, however what there were did not fail to impress. Witnessing triples on a crowded standard sized stage was truly inspiring (ok so maybe it is possible to jump with someone standing next to you!)

Aside from the jumps, the skaters illustrated the story through several chorus routines, consisting of detailed footwork and plenty of spirals.

Obvious from the grins and excitement echoing down the coach, it is fair to say that Snow White on Ice’was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Around the Opens


Congratulations to Harvey Clarke and Hannah Hetebrij on wining bronze medals at the Oxford Open free skating competition on May 19.

Beginner, boys: Harvey Clarke 3rd of 4;
Level 1, girls,10 and over: Melissa Dron 7th of 10;
Level 3, girls, 11 and under: Olivia Clarke 5th of 7; 12 and over: Amy Barnes 5th of 12;
Level 4, girls: Hannah Hetebrij 3rd of 12.
f 7.


Congratulations too to Jordan Brown and Hayley Salmon on winning silver and bronze free skating medals at the Lee Valley Open on May 21 and to Bethany Jarvis and Seren Tudor on winning artistic bronze. Also well done to Bethany Jarvis on landing a double flip in competition for the first time). Between them they won six medals …. David having entered three events and won three golds!

Level 1, girls, 10 years and under, Hayley Salmon 3rd of 13;
Level 3, girls, Amy Barnes, 4th of 12; boys: Jordan Brown 2nd of 3;
Level 4: Seren Tudor 6th of 10;
Level 5: Bethany Jarvis 4th of 8;
Group artistic: Bethany Jarvis and Seren Tudor 3rd of 3.

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