Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

BISC - Newsletter April 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - April 2006

Free Skaters show more signs of Improvement

There was a mixed bag of results, as usual, from BISC's free skaters but it was good to see some of the lower level skaters moving up to medal-winning places and others having a skate they could be proud of.

Particularly noteworthy were Carly Knowles, Charlotte Stanton and former dancer Laura Ingram at Level 1 and Amber-Jayne Homes at Level 2, while Amy Barnes moved up from 4th at Level 1 last year to win at Level 3 and Bethany Jarvis, who won at Level 4 last year, came 2nd at Level 5 this time.
Zoe McBride also did well to move from 11th at Level 2 last year to 4th this time while Holly Jordan moved from 8th at Level 2 to 4th at Level 3.

But what a shame BISC had only one competitor above Level 5 despite several being eligible skaters.

Beginner, age 8 and under: Harvey Clarke 10th, Alaksei Pilko 14th of 16;
9 & 10: Anastasia Palikeras 13th of 16; 11 & over: Rosa Sanders 7th, Lucy Anderson 9th, Kali Turner 12th of 14;

Level 1, girls, age 9 & under: Carly Knowles, 2nd, Rhiannon Bailey 10th of 10; 10 & 11: Charlotte Stanton 3rd,
Hayley Salmon 6th, Sophie Torrington 12th, Ellie Hetebrij 13th of 14; 12 and over: Laura Ingram 1st of 7;

Level 2, girls, 11 & under: Rachael Potts 9th of 10; 12 & over: Amber-Jayne Holmes 3rd, Zoe McBride joint 4th, Anastasia Brenikov 8th of 12;

Level 3, girls, 12 & under: Holly Jordan 4th, Hannah Connor 6th, Sadie Robbins 7th, Olivia Clarke 11th of 11; 13 & over: Amy Barnes 1st, Claire Minchinton 8th of 8; boys: Jordan Brown 2nd, Jack Finerty 4th, Anders Blauberg Clausen 7th of 7;

Level 4, girls, 13 & over: Seren Tudor 1st, Hannah Hetebrij 2nd, Anna Minchinton 6th of 8; boys: James Bailey 1st of 4;

Level 5, girls, 13 & under: Bethany Jarvis 2nd of 4; 14 & over: Fiona Piggott (skating for Basingstoke) 3rd of 4;

Level 8, ladies: Bernadette Lemmon 7th of 7;

Level 1 & under, aged 10 & under: Alaksei Pilko 9th of 9; 11 & over: Sophie Torrington 2nd, Ellie Hetebrij 5th, Kali Turner 6th of 6;

Level 3: Holly Jordan 2nd, Olivia Clarke 3rd, Amy Barnes 4th of 4;

Level 4/5: Hannah Hetebrij 7th of 8;

Level 6/7: Claire Miller (skating for Basingstoke) 1st of 2;

Groups: Bethany Jarvis and Seren Tudor 1st, James Bailey and Rhiannon Bailey 6th, Zoe McBride, Hannah Connor and Holly Jordan 7th, Hannah Connor and Laura Connor 8th, Amy Barnes, Ellie Hetebrij and Sophie Torrington 9th of 9.

Greetings from Poland

Marcin Glowacki, who coached dance and free at Bracknell for about nine years until he returned to his native Poland at Christmas, sends a fond Hello and best wishes to anyone who knows him.

The message comes via Sue, Jen and David Truby, three of his former pupils, who on April 7-10 visited Marcin, his wife Michelle and daughter Jade at the house which they have just finished building in Gabin (pronounced Gombin), two hours drive west of Warsaw. When they moved in, there were no ceilings upstairs, no flooring, no tiling and no decorating but all that is now done and there's only painting of the outside rendering and waterproofing of the balcony over the garage to do. Then they're planning to work on the garden.

The house is set amid woodland and lakes where there are deer, moose, wild boar and even lynx which were introduced into a national park nearer Warsaw but have wandered along the river Risla to the woods.

Marcin is very happy with his decision to return especially as the whole family is now there. Michelle’s father has retired and now lives 200yds away while Marcin’s parents live about a mile away., who was a coach at the Gillingham rink, is speaking Polish quite well and Jade has settled at school. Polish children begin school at age 7 and only attend half days for the first few years. The school is for children up to 15 when they move to another school until 19.

The Glowackis have no firm plans yet but Michelle is thinking about teaching English. Although they had an ice rink in the front garden until mid-March (temperatures were down to –30 during the winter), they are not planning to skate or coach, although Marcin and Michelle performed together in a show put on by Marcin's sister and husband who run a tennis school in Warsaw.

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