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BISC - Newsletter April 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - April 2006

More Qualify for Solo Dance Finals

More BISC members have qualified for the British Solo Dance Championships bringing the total so far to six with three more events to go.

To qualify for the championships at iceSheffield in July, female skaters have to finish in the top three places – or the next three places behind skaters who have already qualified - in one of seven qualifying competitions. Male skaters qualify if they skate in two qualifying competitions, regardless of where they place.

Hayley Salmon and Sadie Robbins, both aged 10, qualified, as reported last month, when they came second and third in the first qualifier at Alexandra Palace in February.

And Paul Dredge, 13, who had skated at Alexandra Palace, qualified when he competed with five other club members at Solihull in March.

First to compete at Solihull were Sadie Robbins and Olivia Clarke, 11, in the novice class in which there were 28 skaters. Sadie who came 3rd overall at Alexandra Palace (4th in the compulsory and 2nd in the original) once again did well in the compulsory, coming 5th, but only managed 7th place in the original which meant she was 6th overall, while Olivia, who came 7th overall at Alexandra Palace (9th in the compulsory and 5th in the original), this time came 10th overall (9th in the compulsory, 13th in the original).

Paul Dredge, 13, skated a really good 14 Step to come 10th of 22 in the compulsory in the primary class but dropped to 16th overall after coming 18th in the original dance.

Charlotte Hester, 14, failed to do as well in the compulsory blues as she had at Alexandra Palace, this time coming 16th of 21, but a really good performance in the original dance – in which she was 7th – saw her move up to 11th overall while Laura Hartley, 14, did really well to move up from 15th place at Alexandra Palace to 12th overall at Solihull after coming 11th in the compulsory and 12th in the original.
And Rachel Kellas, 17, skated probably her best ever compulsory dance in the intermediate class where she came 8th in each section and 8th overall out of eight.

Five BISC members competed at Dumfries on April 15 where Sadie really excelled herself by winning the novice class, and Carly Emery, 19, who had qualified previously, won the senior class.

Sadie came 2nd in the compulsory dance – her highest ever placing in that section. She not only kept her composure when she was drawn to skate first in the last group in the original dance section, but skated such a good programme that she was unbeatable. It meant she was placed 1st overall out of 21 and beat three skaters who had beaten her in the qualifier at Solihull. Asked how she felt to win her first gold medal, she said: “It’s just amazing.”

Competing alongside Sadie in the novice class was Olivia Clarke who came 11th in each section and 11th overall although her skate in the original dance was better than her place suggested.

The club also had two members hoping to qualify in the junior class. But neither Charlotte Hester nor Laura Hartley skated well in both sections. Charlotte came 16th out of 21 in the compulsory dance but rallied well to come 3rd in the original dance which moved her up to 8th place overall – just one place away from qualifying. Laura skated a good blues in the compulsory section although the way the marks were split meant she only came 14th and a fall in the original dance placed her 19th in that section and saw her drop to 16th overall. Meanwhile Carly Emery came 1st of three in both sections to win the senior class.

Club Competitions Could Soon be Scrapped

There will be no more club competitions after June unless someone volunteers to run them.

Sacha Hartley has agreed to organise the club’s Open competitions when she steps down as synchro manager early next year following notice by Sue Truby that she is to resign this summer after four years as Competitions Secretary.

But there will be no club competitions because no one has come forward to take on this role. Anyone who agrees to organise club competitions is not expected to commit for more than a year and need not be a committee member; and Sue is happy to help them run the July dance competition.

The club’s competitions are very important to those at the lower levels in gaining competition experience before moving on to Opens, as well as for those hoping to qualify for the solo dance championships or competing at higher levels. If you think you may like to volunteer, please talk to Sue or contact club chair Roy Welham on 01344 883286.

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