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BISC - Newsletter October 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - October 2005

Spin, Spiral, Jump Provides Some Good Performances


The annual free skating elements competition (otherwise known as Spin, Spiral, Jump) attracted 34 entries, including two by one skater, compared to 37 last year and 29 the year before.

The event once again gave a chance for those new to the sport to demonstrate their basic free skating elements in front of a friendly audience and judges as a step towards competing in Opens.

And there were quite a few new faces - with widely ranging ability - some of whom put to shame some others in the lower classes who have become almost "old-timers" but who have failed to move up the test ladder or even to improve in the same class.

Most notable among the first-timers was Aleksei Pilko, grandson of coach Alex Verkovitch, who performed a stunning spiral and very acceptable three jump while Joseph Powell showed good signs of progress. It was good to see Olivia Wessendorf, who won silver at under Level 1 last year, winning silver in the Level 1 class this time; and Jordan Brown, who won the boys' under Level 1 class last year go on to win bronze at Level 2/3 this year.

However it was a shame that several other Level 2/3 skaters and more higher level skaters did not take part.

Under Level 1 (upright spin, forward spiral, three jump): under 11 years: Carly Knowles 1st, Aleksei Pilko 2nd, Harvey Clarke 3rd, Charlotte Pollecut-Gray 4th, Joseph Powell 5th, Anastasia Palikeras 6th, Matthew Torrington 7th, Tanith Turner 8th.

11 years and over: Hannah Price 1st, Kali Turner 2nd, Katie Powell 3rd, Olivia Davis 4th, Olivia Metcalf 5th, Lily Holland 6th, William Mitchell 7th, Daniella Robinson 8th.

Level 1 (upright spin, backward spiral, salchow): Amy Barnes 1st, Olivia Wessendorf 2nd, Kristian Callaghan 3rd, Ellie Hetebrij 4th, Sophie Torrington 5th.

Level 2/3 (sit spin, straight line step sequence, flip): Olivia Clarke 1st, Holly Jordan 2nd, Jordan Brown 3rd, Hannah Connor 4th, Anna Minchinton 5th, Amy Barnes 6th, Claire Minchinton 7th, Rachel Kellas 8th, Emily Kellas 9th.

Level 4/5 (change position spin, circular step sequence, axel): Laura Connor 1st, Hannah Hetebrij 2nd, James Bailey 3rd.

Level 6 and over (flying spin, serpentine step sequence, double salchow or toe loop): Chris Kerr 1st.

Adults Win Two Championship Medals

Four older BISC members competed in the fourth British Adult Ice Skating Championships at iceSheffield on October 1-2 and won two medals.

The number of Bracknell competitors and medals won was down on previous years partly because Nicki Torrington had to withdraw after breaking her wrist, and neither Viv Coene, who won the elementary solo dance class for age category 2 last year, nor Val Toeman, entered.

Unlike the primary, junior and senior free skating and dance championships, where skaters have to reach high standards by set ages - and pass competitive tests - the adult championships are open to any skater over 25 and each category is divided by age and ability.

The event began on the Saturday with free skating classes in which Gail Tudor (right) - competing in free skating at the championships for the first time instead of dance - had probably her best ever skate to win bronze in the Level 2 and under, age category 2, class.

"As it was only my third free-skating competition, I hadn't expected to get a medal but am very pleased especially beating last year's bronze medallist, and with landing all my jumps including myrecently acquired loop," Gail said.

Lesley Brenikov, who was competing in the same class, came 6th of 8 after an injured ankle gave way causing her to fall.

Rachel Jarvis, competing with four others at Level 3-5, age category 2, had a really bad skate and failed to land her jumps which left her very unhappily in 5th place.

Sunday was devoted to dance classes where Rachel, the only Bracknell adult to compete at championship level in free and dance, came 6th overall in the Level 3 and under, age category 1, class. She came 7th in the canasta tango, 5th in the swing dance, and 5th in the free dance.

But there was a better outcome for Sue Truby (right) in the Level 3 and under, age category 2, class where she came 2nd in the canasta tango, swing dance and free dance to come 2nd overall out of three and win the silver medal.

"I'm reasonably happy with my result," Sue said. "I expected Francis to beat me in the compulsories, he's much stronger than me, but I was closer to him in the second one. In the free dance my spin worked for the first time in 10 days, although overall I just wasn't fast enough over the ice. However I shared one judge with him."

Last year seven BISC members competed and won three medals including gold. In 2003 eight members competed and won four medals including gold.

Letter To The Editor

I feel compelled to write this to the members of the club following the Annual General Meeting.

Despite the date, time and agenda being posted on the noticeboard (and in the newsletter) attendance was extremely poor (understatement of the year).

Apart from committee members, only four of us attended. Are none of you worried about the future of your ice club or where the donations from Mr Nike are going?

Bracknell is I believe the biggest club in Britain with between 200-300 members. This is run by the committee (and yes they do work) so I think the least the members should do is show some interest in what is happening. After all, we all spend a great deal of money on lessons, costumes etc, which is going to be useless if we don't care about the future of the club.

We are all quick to moan when things go wrong or prices go up so don't moan - get involved, attend the meetings with new ideas, and let's see some new faces getting involved.

Jo McBride

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