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BISC - Newsletter October 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - October 2005

Important Year for Club, AGM Told

One of the busiest and most important years in the club's history was reported at the BISC annual general meeting on October 11.

In addition to acquiring extra ice in September, which had allowed it to expand its activities, the club had divided its skaters into four sections, each with its own ice times. Most club ice was being used for group sessions which the committee firmly believed was of benefit to all members - with separate weekly lessons in free skating elements (jumps and spins etc), and in edges and other important basics for free skaters and dancers, as well as dance classes and training sessions for the two synchronised teams.

A range of subsidised off-ice classes to aid skating was also firmly in place. The original two classes in pilates and ballet had proved so popular that a third class had been added, plus two classes in off-ice jumps and a fitness class. Another dance class was due to start in January.

The club had also run a successful mini-training camp and held a well-attended seminar and workshop on judging and sports psychology plus the annual gala.

In addition to eight competitions for its own members, the club had held its highly successful five-day Open in April and its two-day Adult Open in June. It had also hosted the very successful National Team Challenge final and introduced an inter-club artistic competition which was set to become an annual event. The club had also re-introduced a monthly dance club but poor attendance - blamed on the 9.15pm start - had led to its demise.

However, closer working links had been forged with the coaches and the club had introduced a test chart and personal progress books to help motivate skaters.

"As usual it has been a very busy year for all our skaters of all ages and levels," said club chairman Roy Welham who added that it would not have been possible without help from parents and others.

"This year we have, in my opinion, filled the gap left by skaters going to university etc. This is a very good sign for our future." He said the club had some very good skaters who he was sure would provide something to cheer about at future British Championships "but we must not forget to encourage and support the base of the pyramid in Skating for All."

Referring to the delay in setting up a trust fund to administer the money donated by John Nike OBE, the club's president, for skater development purposes, Roy explained that Mr Nike wanted the club to take on charity status and the club had been looking in-depth at various options: "We are actively pursuing this to find the right road to go. We will then call an EGM to get members' views before any decision is made."

Referring to the hard work put in by committee members in negotiating with management for extra ice that year, Roy said the club must make doubly sure that all its ice was well used otherwise it could easily lose ice time.

And he told members: "If we are not doing the best for all our skaters, please let me know. It is your club."

Treasurer Gill Groves reported that the club once again was in a strong financial position, having made a profit of £3185 although this was £70 down on the previous year. Both subscriptions (down £344) and income from skate sales (down £351) had fallen but the two Opens had created a profit of £2443 (£2730 the previous year) and subscriptions had added £2424 to the coffers. Taking part in team competitions had cost £1736 while club competitions had made a profit of £175. The club's development fund had spent £608 on subsidising off-ice activities, the workshop and seminar etc.

Roy Welham was re-elected as chair and Pat Watson was elected vice-chair to replace Laura Hetebrij who stood down after two years. The other three officers - Rosemary Rogers (secretary), Gill Groves (treasurer) and Sue Truby (competitions organiser) - were re-elected.

Scott Waller stood down from the committee after seven years because she felt it inappropriate to continue now that her son, Simon, was on the rink's coaching staff. However she was made a club life member and will continue to be responsible for publicity, including the newsletter, and off-ice activities for the time being. Leah Rogers, who was a junior representative, had to stand down because she was 18. Toni Barrett, Richard Boaden (junior rep) Allison Brown, Elaine Callaghan, Sacha Hartley (synchro), Laura Hetebrij, Christine Piggott and Ian Turner were re-elected to the committee. Lesley Brenikov was elected for the first time and Mike Cross was co-opted as a synchro rep.

Committee members will take on further responsibilities at the committee's meeting on November 2. The full list will appear in the updated club handbook which will be available a few days later.

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