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BISC - Newsletter December 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - December 2005

Laura's Work Rewarded

The Roy Albrecht Trophy - presented annually, in memory of a former club chairman, for endeavour on the ice or for services to the club or pantomime by an adult - was awarded for 2005 to one of the club’s hardest workers.

Laura Hetebrij has been a BISC member since 2001. She learned to skate with her daughters, Hannah and Ellie, but decided to hang up her skates when her children progressed and she didn’t.

This is her fourth year on the committee. In her first year, while learning the ropes, she was responsible for the club table and merchandising which included sourcing new items and buying flowers, toys, etc for the Open. She still oversees merchandising but Toni Barrett and Allison Brown now do all the work for the club table.

Laura was vice chair for two years, during which she was very involved in the setting up of the revised club activities and has always tried to improve club communications with its members and with the coaches.

For the past two years she has undertaken the shared role of National Team Challenge rep and will continue for the coming year. The reps attend regular meetings of the NTC committee where they discuss the rules, schedule, etc. Laura is involved in the selection of our team and assists the coaches with all the jobs the show number requires - eg communication of rehearsals, costume requirements etc. Laura was very pleased that the club was able to get the venue moved to Bracknell last year and that the event will be held at Bracknell again in 2006 - on Sunday June 25.

This year she has stood down as vice-chair to help Sue Truby as assistant competitions secretary which she finds very interesting and is hoping to really support Sue in the build-up to the Bracknell Opens as well as in club and inter club activities. Laura has also been involved with the panto for four years, initially just helping with the costume groups that Hannah and Ellie skated in and undertaking chaperone duties during the panto week. For the past two years she has been involved in the production side especially in connection with costumes.

Trust Fund Latest

By the time you read this, Christmas will have passed and the pantomime will be a pleasant memory as I am sure you all had a fantastic time, writes club chair, ROY WELHAM.

The pantomime was its usual great success, worth all the hard work put in by all the skaters of all ages and many people behind the scenes.

After the last performance, we were given two gifts of money by our club president, John Nike OBE. There was a cheque for £1000 (up from £500 in previous years) in recognition of the club’s contribution to the pantomime. This will be used to help run club activities throughout the coming year.

There was also a cheque for £5000 which is to go into the development fund “to assist any skaters to reach British Championship standard in men’s, ladies or pairs figure skating”. (Mr Nike announced the intention of setting up such a trust fund when he made the original donation of £5000 in 2002. Thanks to further donations of £5000 each year, the fund now stands at £20000).

A very great deal of time has been spent by the BISC committee in finding the best way to set up the trust fund as the John Nike organisation wishes the club to become a charitable trust which is a very big step forward for an amateur club. The committee has listened to and sought advice from various advisors but have not all been convinced as to the right way forward.

Following a letter from Mr Nike, Martin Weddell, a John Nike Leisuresport Complex director, has been invited to our committee meeting in January to give us more information. Hopefully we can then put all the facts together so that we can call an EGM when all members can attend and vote on the way the club goes forward.

The generosity of Mr Nike must be used fairly and to the best advantage to get any skaters at Bracknell that have potential up to the highest level possible.

If any club member has any thoughts that could assist the committee come to a decision on how we should progress and also how to use the fund in the best way, please leave a note in my section of the club folder at rink reception. This is your club and your help will be more than welcome.

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