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BISC - Newsletter December 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - December 2005

Competition is a Moving Experience

It seemed all over in a flash which was rather ironic since nobody came forward with a camera to record the medal winners in this year’s field and dance moves competition. With just 24 competitors in the field moves section - the same as last year - and no one wanting to do dance moves (there were nine entries last year) or even the bronze section of the field moves, the competition finished with plenty of time to spare. But there were sufficient skaters in each class to make it a worthwhile competition.

While the standard overall was nothing to get excited about, the skaters did appear to be enjoy doing these foundations of skating elements. It was good to see some skaters competing for the first time and the progress made by some since last year, particularly Jordan Brown who moved up from winning the beginners class to coming 3rd in the inter-bronze while Rachael Potts moved from 3rd in beginners to 3rd in novice and Sophie Torrington from 4th in beginners to 2nd in novice.
As with all club competitions, the elements were geared to the abilities of skaters at different test levels with the highest class skating a pattern of moves devised by themselves which were judged for their innovation as well as their execution.

beginner (spirals in straight line, and landing position):
Lilly Holland 1st, Stephanie Hallson 2nd, Anastasia Palikeras 3rd, Harvey Clarke 4th, Kali Turner 5th, Tani Turner 6th.
novice (forward outside curves, and alternate backward inside short curves): Anders Blaaberg Clausen 1st, Sophie Torrington 2nd, Rachael Potts 3rd, Carly Knowles 4th, Ellie Hetebrij 5th, Louise Blaaberg Clausen 6th.
prelim (progressive serpentine forward inside three turns with crossover, and circular three turns with mohawks): Claire Minchinton 1st, Holly
Jordan 2nd, Amy Barnes 3rd, Kristian Callaghan 4th.
inter-bronze (circular three turns and double three turns, and double mohawk serpentine step): Rachel Kellas 1st, James Bailey 2nd, Jordan Brown 3rd, Anna Minchinton 4th, Olivia Clarke 5th.
inter silver & over (own design): Leah Roger 1st, Charlotte Hester 2nd, Hannah Hetebrij 3rd.
The field moves trophy for the skater who most impressed the judges
was awarded to Claire Minchinton, 14.

Improvers' Awards

The Improvers Trophies were once again presented at the after-panto party on December 18. The system for determining the winners and runners-up in both free skating and dance takes into account test levels as well as skaters’ places in relevant club competitions.

The trophy for most improved free skater was awarded to Jordan Brown,12, with Olivia Wessendorf, 13, (who last year was runner-up in the synchro improvers trophy) as runner-up.
Jordan, who was so new to skating he did not even compete in the 2004 free skating competition, came 1st of 1 in the boys’ under Level 4 in 2005. He was 1st of 5 in the under Level 1 Spin, Spiral and Jump competition in 2004 and 3rd of 9 in Level 2/3 SSJ in 2005.
Olivia was 6th of 10 in the under Level 2 free skating competition in 2004 and 3rd of 11 at the same level in 2005. She was 2nd of 7 in the under Level 1 SSJ in 2004 and 2nd of 5 at the same level in 2005.
The improvers trophy for dance was awarded to Rachel Kellas, 17, with Claire Miller, 14, as runner-up.
Rachel was 1st of 7 in the under Level 2 dance class in July 04, 4th of 5 at junior level in February 05 and
3rd of 3 at intermediate level in July 05.
Claire was 4th of 5 at primary level in July 04, 3rd of 5 at junior level in February 05 and did not compete in
July 05.

The winner and runner-up in the synchro category will not be announced until synchro’s end-of-season party at the end of January.

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