Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

BISC - Newsletter May 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - May 2004

2004 Bracknell Open Artistic & Free Skating Results


Level 1 and under, aged 10 and under: Holly Jordan, 4th, Eleanor Hetebnj, 6th, Kristian Callaghan, 7th of 7; aged 11 and over: Claire Minchinton, 2nd of 2.

Level 2/3, aged 10 & under: Hannah Connor, 1st, Olivia Clark, 2nd of 2; aged 11 & over: Hannah Hetebrij, 3rd of 7.

Level 4 & over: Bethany Jarvis, 5th of 7.

Group: David Truby, Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Jarvis and Charlotte Hester, 1st, Holly Kirkbride and Emily Farrow, 2nd, Holly Jordan, Hannah Connor and Zoe McBride, 3rd, Rhiannon Bailey and James Bailey, 5th, Olivia Clark, Harvey Clark and Eleanor Hetebrij, 6th, Kristian Callaghan, Anna Minchinton, Claire Minchinton and Kali Turner, 8th of 8.

BISC members skating for other clubs/rinks:

Beginner, aged 8: Sadie Robbins Slough), 1st of 17. Level 2: Tara Dungate (Slough), 4th of 14—her last competition before going to Italia Conti stage school. Level 4: Fiona Piggott (Basingstoke) 4th of 18.

Novice Ladies: Claire Miller (Basing-stoke) 5th in the short, 9th in the long and 8th overall, Hayley McCole (Slough), (9th, 8th) 9th overall of 13.

Artistic, Level 4 & over: Fiona Piggott (Basingstoke) 1st of 7.

Six of the best for golden couple

It will surely be a week to remember for Bracknell’s new golden couple—David Truby and Charlotte Hester.

(pictured below). Between them they won six medals …. David having entered three events and won three golds!

The spree began on the Monday when Charlotte, 12, won bronze in the primary solo dance qualifying competition. It continued on Wednesday when David, 13, won the Level 4 solo boys trophy. David and Charlotte, together with Sarah Johnson and Eleanor Jarvis, won the group artistic and it will be a long time before David’s leotard and tights will be forgotten in what was a really excellent artistic programme.

It culminated on the Thursday when both won gold in the novice pairs class. This proved one of the most interesting events of the week as it brought them together in competition for the first time against the club’s longer established pair, Seren and Luc Tudor (right) who came third.

And the outcome could hardly have been closer with David and Charlotte and a Milton Keynes couple getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd places while Seren and Luc got a 1st, 2nd and 4th. If they had taken the 3rd place off the Chelmsford couple they, too, would have been joint first!

Both Bracknell pairs are coached by Marcin Glowacki.

BISC members’ free skating results:

Beginner, aged 7 and under: Rhiannon Bailey, 10th of 13; aged 9: Melissa Dron, 8th, Sophie Torrington, 9th, Eleanor Hetebrij, 11th of 13. aged 10: Kristian Callaghan, 11th of 11; aged 11 & over, Olivia Wessendorf, 4th, Luke op den Brouw, 7th of 19. Level 1, girls, aged 10-11: Holly Jordan, 13th, Amber-Jayne Holmes, 16th, Sally-Anne Adams, 18th, Eleanore Nicholls, 19th of 19. boys: James Bailey, 2nd of 11.

Level 2, girls, 10 & under: Hannah Connor, 5th, Olivia Clark, 10th, Jessica Ledermann, 11th, Zoe McBride, 12th of 12. aged 11 and over: Anna Minchinton, 6th, Anastasia Brenikov, 12th, Rebecca Brenikov, 13th of 13.

Level 3, girls, aged 11 and over: Hannah Hetebrij, 9th of 12.

Level 4, girls, aged 11 & under: Bethany Jarvis, 7th of 8; aged 12 & over: Laura Connor, 7th, Cara Rogers, 12th, Eleanor Jarvis, 14th, Seren Tudor, 18th of 18. boys: David Truby, 1st of 3.

Level 6, ladies: Holly Kirkbride, 6th, Charlotte Hester, 7th, of 10.

Novice Ladies: Leah Rogers, 11th in the short, 10th in the long and 11th overall of 13.

Junior Men (championship qualifier): Simon Waller, 2nd in the short, 2nd in the long and 2nd overall of 2.

Pairs: Novice: Charlotte Hester and David Truby, joint 1st; Seren and Luc Tudor, 3rd of 4.

Another first:

Full results from each day were posted on the club’s website——the same evening, thanks to BISC’s webmaster Ian Turner.

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