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BISC - Newsletter May 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - May 2004

Four BISC Members Qualify For British Solo Ice Dance Championships

Four BISC members qualified for this year’s British Solo Dance Championships on the first day.

Unlike girls, who this year have to finish in the top three places—or in the next three places behind skaters who have already qualified – boys only have to enter two qualifying competitions to secure a place in this year’s finals at iceSheffield in July.

Tamsyn Pack ensured no one could quibble about her qualification by winning the com pulsory and original dance sections and coming first overall in the junior dance class on the Monday … her 14th birthday. And Charlotte Hester, 12, qualified when she came third overall in the primary class. Christopher Hockaday, 14, and Richard Boaden, 16, who had already competed in a qualifying competition, made sure of their places in the final when they competed in the junior and intermediate classes. They join Rebecca Forsyth, 13, and Claire Miller, 12, who had already qualified.

And another four club members look set to qualify soon after they missed out by one place. They are Hayley Salmon who excelled herself at Bracknell and has moved up from 15th to 11th and now 7th in the qualifying competitions, Fiona Piggott, Helen Ingram and Michelle Bannister.

BISC members’ solo dance results:

Novice qualifier: Hayley Salmon, 7th in the compulsory, 7th in the original and 7th overall; Sadie Robbins (12th, 11th) 11th overall; and Deanna Hockaday (15th, 13th) 14th of 19.

Primary qualifier: Charlotte Hester (5th, 3rd) 3rd; Claire Miller (3rd, 5th) 4th, Rebecca Forsyth (2nd, 6th) 6th; and Fiona Piggott (6th, 7th) 7th of 13.

Junior qualifier: Tamsyn Pack (1st, 1st) 1st; Christopher Hockaday (2nd, 5th) 4th; Helen Ingram (7th, 6th) 7th; Olivia Dick (12th, 16th) 14th; and Jen Truby (13th, 17th) 16th of 18.

Intermediate qualifier: Richard Boaden (4th, 5th) 5th; Michelle Bannister (8th, 6th) 7th; Leah Rogers (10th, 9th) 10th; Taryn Dennison (12th, 11th) 11th; and Lauren Francis (11th, 12th) 12th of 15.

Free dance, primary: Charlotte Hester, 4th of 6.

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