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BISC - Newsletter January 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - January 2004

Artistic Competition Brings Out Star Qualities

Del Boy and Marilyn Monroe were among the stars when BISC staged its annual artistic skating competition on January 28.

A total of 36 club members took part, many of them entering solo classes as well as classes for two or more.

Unlike most skating competitions, artistics are less about ability and technique and more about entertainment. The music the competi-tors choose can include vocals and there is a lot of emphasis on costumes, props and even scenery.

The marking scheme is also different in that each of the five judges marks a particular aspect of the programme and gives a mark for entertainment value. These 10 marks are added and their totals decide the results. It means that someone with little technical ability but excellent costume and props can score the same as a highly skilled skater with a very technical programme. Interestingly, many of the results for the solo classes closely matched skating ability.

Subjects ranged from Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo to the music box doll from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the stars of films like Singing in the Rain and Chicago.

The trophy for best costume and props was won by Chris Kerr as Del Boy complete with ingenious Reliant-style car-cum-bar. The trophy for best programme was won jointly by Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Jarvis, David Truby and Charlotte Hester for their Chicago routine, and James and Rhiannon Bailey for their Sylvester and Tweetie Pie.


Solo, level 1 and under: Kristian Callaghan, 1st, Emily Kellas, 2nd, Holly Jordan, 3rd, Claire Minchinton, 4th, Amy Barnes, 5th, Eleanor Hetebrij, 6th, Claire Lawley, 7th.
Solo, level 2 and 3: Hannah Hetebrij, 1st, Seren Tudor, 2nd, Christina Keating, 3rd, Olivia Clarke, 4th, Rachel Kellas, 5th.
Solo, level 4 and above: Sarah Johnson, 1st, Taryn Dennison, 2nd, Leah Rogers, 3rd, Chris Kerr, 4th.
2 to 4 skaters: Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Jarvis, David Truby and Charlotte Hester, 1st, Holly Kirkbride and Emily Farrow, 2nd, Rhiannan Bailey and James Bailey, 3rd, Holly Jordan, Hannah Connor and Zoe McBride, 4th, Hannah Hetebrij, Robyn Vaughan, Laura Hartley and Chris Kerr, 5th, Laura Connor and Bethany Jarvis, 6th, Rachael Cornish, Hannah Byrne, Alana Hudson and Melanie Froude, 7th, Ellie Hetebrij, Olivia Clarke and Harvey Clarke, 8th, and Anna Minchinton, Claire Minchinton, Kali Turner and Kristian Callaghan, 9th.

Academic Achievements

After featuring three high-achieving skaters in the November edition to prove skaters can train hard and still get a good education, we are pleased to report on Leanne Burling.

A stalwart of BISC’s synchro section who has competed in junior and senior world synchro cups and is an accomplished ice dancer, she was one of just a handful of pupils at her school to receive a citation at this month’s prizegiving.

Leanne, 19, who left school last summer with 3 A levels and 9 GCSEs, received the award for her work in drama. Her form tutor and drama teacher wrote: “Her persistence, her drive, her enthusiasm never falter.

“As a group member she was formidable, inspiring others to push the boundaries and achieve higher grades. It was her support, her generosity and guidance with certain individuals that allowed this to happen.”

Leanne is taking a gap year, working part-time in the rink café to earn money to travel, before going to university to study for joint honours in English and drama. She hopes to teach in secondary schools.

Be On Time

All entrants in club competitions must be at the rink by 6pm for a 6.15pm start even if they are not skating in the first classes. The running order for the artistic competition had to be changed several times because skaters had not arrived, causing one competitor to change costume four times! In future, late arrivals may not be allowed to compete.

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