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BISC - Newsletter August / September 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - August / September 2004

Changes May Not Be So Bad

Members probably already know that our regular Wednesday Club Night has changed to Tuesday night, writes club chairman, ROY WELHAM.

Although we do not want the change, we have not lost any ice time and the change of night could encourage more skaters to join.

This is because local schools have backed the Wednesday Skating After School session which will introduce more young people to the sport … and every one of them is a potential club member.

Therefore we must ensure as a club that we get the best publicity and facilities etc for the club so that we get champion figure skaters and dancers at Bracknell.

It is also important that we get maximum use of club ice whether it be club patches, club competitions or Opens. These all need to be well-attended otherwise other ice users will be looking to take over our ice.

I really think that the changes could be a positive move to progress figure skating for the future. It is up to us. Figure skating has always been a very friendly sport so if any of you meet any of the After School skaters, please make sure they know all about BISC.

The new After School session will have the same rules as a general public session which means hockey skates can be worn and coaches can give lessons, but pupils won’t have any priority as they do on patch ice.

We are starting a new season and I wish the best of luck to all. Make 2004-5 a good one!

Skaters Show They Are Game For a Laugh

The club’s second annual fun competition night proved almost as popular, and crazy, as the first with skaters of all abilities taking to the ice.

Sadly, despite a waltz choreographed specially for the event by coach Wendy Day, a Shadow 14 Step and a number of other suitable classes, the event did not appeal to many of the club’s dancers.

However those who did take part seemed to have a good time and once again there were some interesting results in some of the classes.


Most rotations - upright spin: Amy Barnes 1st, Holly Jordan and Jen Truby 2nd, Claire Minchinton, Eleanore Nicholls, Sophie Torrington, Kali Turner and Tani Turner 4th;

Most rotations - sit: spin Leah Rogers 1st, Sarah Johnson 2nd, Charlotte Hester 3rd, Olivia Clarke, Hannah Hetebrij, Bethany Jarvis, Holly Jordan, Emily Kellas, Rachel Kellas, Jessica Ledermann and David Truby 4th.

Longest three jump: Claire Minchinton and Jen Truby 1st, Holly Jordan 3rd, Harvey Clarke, Olivia Clarke, Abi Hurst, Eleanore Nicholls, Sophie Torrington and Kali Turner 4th.

Longest axel: Leah Rogers 1st, Charlotte Hester and David Truby 2nd, Hannah Hetebrij, Bethany Jarvis and Jessica Ledermann 4th.

Most consecutive loops: Emily Kellas 1st, Rachel Kellas 2nd, Holly Jordan 3rd, Sophie Torrington and Jen Truby 4th.

Most consecutive axels: Sarah Johnson 1st, Bethany Jarvis and Leah Rogers 2nd; Charlotte Hester, Jessica Ledermann and David Truby 4th.

Go One Better Jumps, Level 3 and under: Hannah Hetebrij 1st, Jessica Ledermann 2nd, Anna Minchinton 3rd, Olivia Clarke, Rachel Kellas and Jen Truby 4th;

Level 4 and above: Charlotte Hester 1st, Sarah Johnson 2nd, David Truby 3rd, Bethany Jarvis 4th.

Improvisation, under Level 4: Hannah Hetebrij 1st, Jen Truby 2nd, Holly Jordan 3rd, Yasmin Bell, Olivia Clarke, Abi Hurst, Emily Kellas, Rachel Kellas and Jessica Ledermann 4th. Level 4 and over: Bethany Jarvis 1st, Sarah Johnson 2nd, Charlotte Hester 3rd, David Truby 4th.

New compulsory dance: Jen Truby 1st, Charlotte Hester 2nd, Rachel Kellas 3rd.

Shadow 14 Step: Jen Truby and Leah Rogers 1st, Jen Truby and Charlotte Hester 2nd, Charlotte Hester and Leah Rogers 3rd, Rachel Kellas and Jen Truby 4th.

Longest teapot: David Truby 1st, Claire Minchinton 2nd, Hannah Hetebrij 3rd, everyone else 4th.

Longest forward push: Rachel Kellas 1st, Emily Kellas 2nd, Amy Barnes 3rd, Harvey Clarke, Olivia Clarke, Eleanor Hetebrij, Abi Hurst, Stephanie Hallson, Peter Morris, Sophie Torrington, Kali Turner and Tani Turner 4th.

Longest backward push: Sarah Johnson 1st, David Truby 2nd, Jen Truby 3rd, Charlotte Hester, Jessica Ledermann and Bethany Jarvis 4th.

Highest spiral: Holly Jordan 1st, Jordan Brown 2nd, Eleanore Nicholls 3rd, Amy Barnes, Sophie Torrington, Kali Turner and Tani Turner 4th.

Most inventive step sequence, Level 2 and under: Holly Jordan 1st, Jen Truby 2nd, Rachel Kellas 3rd, Olivia Clarke and Kali Turner 4th; Level 3 and above: Sarah Johnson 1st, Charlotte Hester 2nd, Hannah Hetebrij 3rd, Bethany Jarvis, Jessica Ledermann and David Truby 4th.

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