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BISC - Newsletter August / September 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - August / September 2004

Dance Night Is a Big Hit Again

A sumo wrestler and builder looked like they might come to blows on the ice when BISC staged its annual dance competition on July 14.

But despite the wrestler throwing his inflated weight about and Bob the Builder dropping a clanger (or was it spanner?), the evening passed off smoothly and a very good time was had by all.

A total of 19 skaters took part, making up 36 entries in five compulsory and two free dance classes in addition to the drawn partners competition. This compared very favourably with last year when there were 40 entries by 17 skaters.

It was pleasing to see some of the younger and more novice skaters competing for the first time and to see the improvement some skaters had made since the previous year. it was also good to see free skater Sarah Johnson giving dance a whirl now that her championship days are over.

As always with the club’s dance competitions, there was an excellent atmosphere and support for the skaters throughout the event.

Four coaches - Stacey Bullock as a Scottish golfing gentlemen, Jayne Campbell as the sumo wrestler, Wendy Day as a hula-hula girl and David Phillips as Bob the Builder complete with tool bag and protective mask - took part in the fancy dress drawn partners. With so many girls having to dance with girls, there was often confusion about who was supposed to be leading!


Level 2 and under, canasta tango: Rachel Kellas 1st, Eleanor Jarvis 2nd, Robyn Vaughan 3rd, Seren Tudor 4th, Amy Barnes 5th, Paul Dredge 6th, Stephanie Francis 7th.

Under Level 8, 14 Step: Hayley Salmon 1st, Sadie Robbins 2nd, Eleanor Jarvis 3rd.

Willow Waltz: Fiona Piggott 1st, Rebecca Forsyth 2nd, Charlotte Hester 3rd, Claire Miller 4th, Eleanor Jarvis 5th.

Open, Blues: Christopher Hockaday 1st, Helen Ingram 2nd, Fiona Piggott 3rd, Claire Miller 4th.

Tango: Richard Boaden 1st, Rebecca Forsyth 2nd, Christopher Hockaday 3rd, Michelle Bannister 4th, Leah Rogers 5th, Sarah Johnson 6th.

Free dance, novice/primary:Fiona Piggott 1st, Rebecca Forsyth 2nd, Claire Miller 3rd, Charlotte Hester 4th, Sadie Robbins 5th, Hayley Salmon 6th.

Junior/intermediate: Michelle Bannister 1st, Helen Ingram 2nd, Richard Boaden 3rd, Christopher Hockaday 4th, Leah Rogers 5th.

Drawn partners: Jayne Campbell and Olivia Dick 1st, David Phillips and Charlotte Hester 2nd, Wendy Day and Christopher Hockaday, 3rd.

Best fancy dress: Charlotte Hester as Dennis the Menace.


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