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BISC - Newsletter August 2003

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - August 2003

Arab knocks out bride and expectant mum in dance competition

You would have thought it was Christmas if you had entered the JNLC during a BISC competition on July 16.

Not only did coaches join adults and children in the always amusing drawn partners class, but most of the skaters were in fancy dress. It will be a long time before club members forget the spectacle of Lynn Burton (who marries for real on September 6) in white net skirt and veil as a bride complete with L plate, David Phillips pretending to be his pregnant wife with aching back and tired legs or Jon Bonny, Jayne Campbell, Bev Howarth and Emma Riazancew in Egyptian tunic and fez.

Just as hilarious were Pat Watson as a baby, Richard Boaden as Noddy and John Horne as a Viking.

But the high spirits weren't just confined to the last event of the evening. The competition was a success from start to finish with excellent support for the 17 skaters who made up 40 entries in the five compulsory and two free dance classes and the 26 skaters, two of whom skated twice, in the drawn partners class. They included five adult members, six coaches and British junior championship medallists and international competitors Kira Geil and Andrew Smykowski.

"It was great fun and an excellent competition all round. Competitions secretary Sue Truby must be congratulated on organising such a super event," said the club's vice-chair, Sacha Hartley.


Level 2 and under, Dutch waltz: Eleanor Jarvis, 1st, Rachel Kellas, 2nd, Hannah Hetebrij, 3rd, Hayley Salmon, 4th; Level 7 and under, foxtrot: Laura Ingram, 1st, Rebecca Forsyth, 2nd, Jen Truby, 3rd, Leah Rogers, 4th, Eleanor Jarvis, 5th, Charlotte Hester, 6th;

rocker foxtrot: Tamsyn Pack, 1st, Helen Ingram, 2nd, Fiona Piggott, 3rd, Claire Miller, 4th, Jen Truby, 5th, Charlotte Hester, 6th;

silver samba: Tamsyn Pack, 1st, Richard Boaden, 2nd, Christopher Hockaday, 3rd, Sara Holroyd, 4th, Helen Ingram, 5th, Charlotte Hester, 6th, Jen Truby, 7th, Leah Rogers, 8th;

any standard, quickstep: John Horne, 1st, Helen Ingram, 2nd, Jen Truby, 3rd, Leah Rogers, 4th, Charlotte Hester, 5th, Christopher Hockaday, 6th;

free dance, 1.5 mins: Rebecca Forsyth, 1st, Fiona Piggott, 2nd, Helen Ingram, 3rd, Charlotte Hester, 4th, Claire Miller and Christopher Hockaday, 5th, Laura Ingram, 7th, Jen Truby, 8th; 2 mins: Tamsyn Pack, 1st; Leah Rogers, 2nd; drawn partners, Dutch waltz: Rebecca Forsyth and Jon Bonny, 1st, Helen Ingram and Lynn Burton, 2nd; Jen Truby and Andrew Smykowski, 3rd;

best costume: Pat Watson (winner), John Horne (runner-up).

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