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BISC - Newsletter August 2003

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - August 2003

BISC skaters triumph in solo ice dance championship

Two BISC members won titles and another two won medals at the British Solo Ice Dance Championships on July 26 and 27.

The result is even better than last year when Bracknell skaters won a gold, silver and two bronze medals.

A total of 12 club members qualified for this year's event at the National Ice Centre, Nottingham, where the novice and primary categories were held on the Saturday and the junior, intermediate and senior sections took place on the Sunday.

The gold medals went to the club's only two male skaters in the championships. Christopher Hockaday, 14, won the primary men's title, and Richard Boaden, 15, who normally skates with a partner and had only done two solo dance competitions, won the junior men's title. John Horne, who has won gold at every level up to intermediate, decided not to enter the solo championship after having spent the early part of this year working with a partner towards the primary couple's championship.

Rebecca Forsyth, 12, who last year won bronze in the novice girls' championship, this year came second out of 18 skaters. She excelled in the compulsory dance which she won and came third in the free dance. And Jane Kemp, 18, who last year won silver in the ladies' intermediate section, this time won bronze in the senior ladies' championship.

But they weren't the only Bracknell skaters to do well. Helen Ingram, 13, put in an outstanding performance in the primary girls' event to finish fourth. The achievement was all the more remarkable because she has only been competing for three years whereas her competitors were all far more experienced. Helen's sister, Laura Ingram, 11, also just missed out on a medal while Tamsyn Pack, 13, who came sixth in the primary girls last year - and could have competed again at that level if she had not had to take tests to compete in couples' events with partner Richard Boaden - is to be commended for finishing seventh in the junior girls' event.

Full Bracknell results:

Novice championship, girls: Rebecca Forsyth, 1st incompulsory, 3rd in free dance and 2nd overall; Laura Ingram, 4th in compulsory, 6th in free dance and 4th overall out of 18.

Primary championship, ladies: Helen Ingram, 5th in compulsory, 4th in free and 4th overall; Claire Miller, 12th in compulsory, 10th in free and 10th overall; Kerri Pounds, 11th in compulsory, 12th in free and 12th overall; Fiona Piggott, 13th in compulsory and free and 13th overall out of 18; boys: Christopher Hockaday, 1st in compulsory and free and 1st overall out of three.

Junior championship, ladies: Tamsyn Pack, 8th in compulsory, 7th in free and 7th overall; Sara Holroyd, 11th in compulsory, 12th in free and 12th overall; Michelle Bannister, 15th in compulsory, 16th in free and 15th overall out of 18; men: Richard Boaden, 1st in compulsory and free and 1st overall out of three.

Senior championship, ladies: Jane Kemp, 4th in compulsory, 3rd in free and 3rd overall out of seven.

All but Christopher, Michelle and Jane are coached entirely by David Phillips and Lucine Chakmakjian at Bracknell. Christopher trains partly at Slough and partly with David and Lucine while Michelle is coached at Bracknell by Marcin Glowacki and Jane is coached at Slough and by Marcin at Bracknell.

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