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Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Patch Etiquette

Patch Etiquette

Patch Etiquette should be observed at all times.

This information has been put together to allow you to understand priorities during Patch Ice time, it applies
to both rink patch and to the club patch.

These are practice sessions. All socialising needs to be done off ice prior to or after the session.

Treat other skaters as you would like to be treated.

The lesson with the music has first priority. Groups give way to individuals and all other lessons have
           right of way and second priority.

Please watch out for skaters doing their programmes to music. They have the third right of way.
          This does not mean you have to stand on the ice and watch.

Programme music should be played once from start to finish unless a coach is choreographing
          a new programme. This applies to coaches and pupils. Please do not stop and restart your
          music as there are   others waiting to have their music played. Once everyone who wants
          their music played has had a chance you may play your music again. Be courteous.

For safety reasons, please practice your spins in the middle of the rink, not in the flow of traffic.
          This does not apply during a programme run through.

It is the responsibility of higher level skaters to watch out for skaters of a lower level when both
          have similar priority. Lower level skaters need to be aware of the speed of other skaters.

Skaters should exercise caution when performing backward manoeuvres.

There will be no poor behaviour, such as kicking the ice, yelling at other skaters to get out of the
          way or foul language. Skaters who behave in such a manner will be asked to leave the ice and
          there will be no refunds.

Please no gum, food, or drinks on the ice. Water bottles only.

Long hair must be tied back and please wear suitable and appropriate clothing – no jeans.


If you have any questions just ask at the club table or use our contact form.