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BISC - Newsletter March 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - March 2006

Free Skating Competitors Show Signs of Star Quality

The club's annual free skating competition on March 21 produced some promising performances and some interesting results.

Some programmes were star quality but there were also some lessons to be learned. If you never skate your full programme in practice, you are likely to lack the stamina to do it justice in a competition. Many skaters never manage to get a clean run at their programme with the music in a lesson because others don't pay attention and so get in the way. They should remember that this is a give and take situation - if you get in others way regularly, will they rush to get out of yours? In the end, everyone loses out.

And if you want to do well, it is important to have good basics and presentation skills. In that respect it was good to see former dancer Laura Ingram back on the ice, and competing in free, after several years away.

The event attracted 32 entries - one more than last year. But while the numbers were up in the lower classes, there was an absence of skaters - with one exception - at the higher levels. Two were injured but it would be interesting to know why the others did not take part.

Garner Trophy (under Level 2) girls, Level 1: Laura Ingram 1st, Carly Knowles 2nd. Sophie Torrington 3rd, Hayley Salmon 4th, Rhiannon Bailey 5th, Ellie Hetebrij 6th, Charlotte Briddon 7th; beginners: Katie Powell 1st, Kali Turner 2nd, Tani Turner 3rd; overall winner: Laura Ingram; boys: Harvey Clarke 1st, Alexei Pilko 2nd, Joseph Powell 3rd.

Jon Bonny Cup (under Level 4) girls, Level 3: Hannah Connor 1st, Olivia Clarke 2nd, Amy Barnes 3rd, Holly Jordan 4th, Laura Hartley 5th, Claire Minchinton 6th, Level 2: Zoe McBride 1st, Amber-Jayne Holmes 2nd, Emily Kellas 3rd, Louise Clausen 4th, Anastasia Brenikov 5th; overall winner: Hannah Connor; boys: Anders Clausen 1st, Jordan Brown 2nd.

Novice Cup (under Level 6) girls: Bethany Jarvis 1st, Hannah Hetebrij 2nd, Anna Minchinton 3rd, Laura Connor 4th, Rachel Connelly 5th; boys: James Bailey 1st.

Bracknell Cup (under Level 8) boys: David Truby 1st.

Warm Welcome is Needed All Round

BISC's new mentoring system to help ensure new members receive a warm welcome is now up and running.

Nicki Torrington has agreed to run the service on behalf of the club committee and 14 young skaters plus four adults have agreed to be Buddies and Mentors. But membership is growing so quickly that more Buddies and Mentors are needed.

And the scheme could not have begun at a better time. Not only has there been a dramatic influx of new members since December's panto, but the popularity of ITV's Dancing on Ice and the Winter Olympics have created a huge boost in the number of people wanting to learn to skate at Bracknell and join BISC.

"The enormous numbers going to rinks around the country have caused problems like running out of hire skates and having to limit the numbers on the ice but the good side far outweighs this," writes club chair, Roy Welham.

""We must make the most of this as skaters of the calibre of Torvill and Dean don't come along often and neither is their fabulous Bolero programme repeated often on TV.

"I know that all our club members will make sure that new skaters and new club members will be made very welcome, given help to learn to skate and encouraged to join the club. Club members can help get them into the routine of skating on club ice in the same way they were helped when they were new to the sport."

"New members joining the club which will provide healthy competition for everybody."

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