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BISC - Newsletter February 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - February 2006

Dancers Take Advantage of Competition Opportunity

With 34 entries for the first of this year's dance competitions - the same number as last year - and with the need for an ice cut in addition to only having 1.5 hours of ice, late entries had to be turned away.

The shortage of time on February 21 also meant skaters were not allowed to skate-up a class as well as compete at their own level.

But the event gave a chance for those competing the following week, in the first of this year's solo dance championship qualifiers, to run through their compulsory and original dances and to try out new costumes on the ice.

Compulsory dances - beginners: Laura Kerr 1st, Jordan Brown 2nd, Amy Barnes 3rd; novice: Hayley Salmon 1st, Sadie Robbins 2nd, Olivia Clarke 3rd, Jordan Brown 4th; primary: Paul Dredge 1st, Laura Kerr 2nd; junior: Fiona Piggott 1st, Laura Hartley 2nd, Charlotte Hester 3rd, Alex Smith 4th; intermediate: Rebecca Forsyth 1st, Rachel Kellas 2nd; senior: Carly Emery 1st, Michelle Bannister 2nd.

Original dance: novice/primary: Sadie Robbins 1st, Hayley Salmon 2nd, Olivia Clarke 3rd, Paul Dredge 4th; junior/intermediate/senior: Carly Emery 1st, Fiona Piggott 2nd, Charlotte Hester 3rd, Laura Hartley 4th, Rachel Kellas 5th.

Free dance: Michelle Bannister 1st.

Barn Dance Proves a Big Social Success

A great time was had by all when BISC staged its first social event of the year on February 18 - a barn dance with ploughman's supper at the Farley Wood Community Centre close to the rink.

Club members and their guests, aged from six to 90, joined in a range of dances to music supplied by the Kick Shins band.

"The evening was deemed a great success by those who attended," writes Nicki Torrington who was there with her husband and young children. "It was great to see so many families and plenty of husbands and fathers there too!

"More than 50 people joined in the fun with everyone taking part in some of the dancing. Kick Shins kept the evening going with their energetic live music and great dance formations and the caller kept us all on our toes and ensured we were going the right way!

"A raffle was laid on too, which proved successful. Somebody from just about every party went home with
a prize!"

"Hopefully we will enjoy plenty more social events in the future where young and old can get together away from the rink and enjoy a good night out!"

The event was organised on behalf of the BISC committee by Scott Waller who thanks everyone who helped in any way to make the night a big success.

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