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BISC Archives - SSJ Competition October 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Spin Spiral & Jump Competition - 17th October 2006

The Spin Spiral Competition was run by Bracknell Ice Skating Club on Tuesday 17th October 2006 5.00pm

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General Competition Information:


1. All entrants must be members of Bracknell Ice Skating Club.
2. The competition is open to all club members and may be further sub-divided by age.
3. The closing date for entries is 6:00pm Tues 10th October, draw to take place in café then.
4. Attention must be paid to basic skating between each element.
5. NISA standard as at 10th October 2006, field moves tests will not be taken into consideration
6. There is no minimum standard for classes 1- 4, however depending on the number of entries available, minimum
    test standards in accordance with the generic criteria for Opens will be taken into account when acceptance
    of entries is considered.
7. Classes may be combined if there are too few entries.

Standard Elements
Beginner (under level 1) Skaters must not have passed level 1 either elements or free Spin - Upright
Spiral - Forward
Jump - Three Jump
Level 1 (under level 2) Skaters must not have passed level 2 either elements or free Spin - Upright Spin
Spiral - Backwards
Jump - Salchow
Level 2 and 3 (under level 4) Skaters must not have passed level 4 either elements or free Spin - Camel/Parallel
Step Sequence - Straight line - full length of the rink
Jump - Single/Single Combination (Axels not permitted)
Level 4 and 5 (under level 6) Skaters must not have passed level 6 either elements or free Spin - with one change of position, (min 4 revs in each position) on one foot only
Step Sequence - Straight Line, Circular or Serpentine
Jump - Axel
Level 6 and above Skaters must have passed at least one of level 6 elements or free Spin - flying spin (free choice) with min 6 revs in landing position
Spiral sequence - fully utilising ice surface
Jump - double toe-loop or double salchow

Fee is £4.00 per entry

Entry forms available at reception, the club table or from the web site
Please ask your coaches