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BISC Archives - SSJ Results October 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Spin Spiral & Jump Competition - 17th October 2006

The Spin Spiral Competition was run by Bracknell Ice Skating Club on Tuesday 17th October 2006 5.00pm

Once again our congratulations to all who took part, especially pleasing was the trouble all the competitors had taken to get their outfits looking fantastic.

Many thanks too, to all those club members who helped run the night, we couldn't do it without you!

The classes and results were as follows:

Class 1A - Under Level 1 aged 9 and under

Upright spin, forward spiral and 3 jump

1 Hayley Salmon
2 Rhiannon Bailey
3 Sophie Torrington
4 Melissa Dron
5 Kali Turner
6 Harvey Clarke
7 Abigail Hurst

Class 1B - Under Level 1 aged 10 and over

Upright spin, forward spiral and 3 jump

1 Amy Barnes
2 Kristian Callaghan

Class 2 - Level 1

Upright spin, backwards spiral and toe-loop

1 James Bailey
2 Jen Truby
3 Holly Jordan
4 Emily Kellas
5 Claire Minchinton
6 Sam Heathcote

Class 3 - Level 2/3

Sit spin, straight line step sequence and lutz

1 Hannah Hetebrij
2 Christina Keating
3 Jessica Ledermann
4 Rachel Kellas
5 Hannah Connor
6 Olivia Clarke

Class 4 - Level 4/5

Spin with one change of position (min 4 revs in each position), from sit/camel/upright, circular step sequence and axel

1 Chris Kerr
2 Cara Rogers
3 Laura Connor
4 Eleanor Jarvis

Class 5 - Level 6 and over

Flying spin (free choice) with min 6 revs in landing position, serpentine step sequence and double toe-loop or double salchow

1 Charlotte Hester

Class 6 - Level 8 and over

Combination spin with (min) one change of foot and one change of basic position, min 5 revs on each foot, any step sequence and double flip or double loop

1 Simon Waller
2 Sarah Johnson
3 Taryn Dennison