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BISC - Newsletter March 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - March 2005

Judges Praise Ice Dance Standard

The standard of skating was so good in BISC's half-yearly dance competition on February 22 that even the judges commen- ted on its excellence.

The event once again ran like clockwork and finished with time to spare despite fears that there would not be time to fit in all 12 classes.

The number was up on last year because although there were again six compulsory and four original dance classes, the latest competition also included two free dance classes.

However the number of entrants and entries was lower- 34 entries by 15 skaters compared to 39 entries by 21 skaters last February.

It was good to see some new faces, boys as well as girls, and to see the progress made by the more experienced dancers. Although most of the results were predictable, Jen Truby whose skating looked far more confident, beat a competitor in last year's solo dance championships for which Jen had failed to qualify.


Compulsories: Under Level 3 (Rhythm Blues and Dutch Waltz): Laura Hartley 1st, Paul Dredge 2nd, Katie Jones 3rd;
Novice (Golden Skaters Waltz): Sa-die Robbins 1st, Laura Hartley 2nd, Paul Dredge 3rd, Laura Kerr 4th;
Priimary (Willow Waltz): Charlotte Hester 1st, Rachel Kellas 2nd, Laura Hartley 3rd, Paul Dredge 4th, Ryan Sowter 5th;
Junior (22 Step): Helen Ingram 1st, Rebecca Forsyth 2nd, Claire Miller 3rd, Rachel Kellas 4th, Stephen Moore 5th;
Intermediate (Kilian): Michelle Bannister 1st, Jen Truby 2nd, Leah Rogers 3rd;
Senior (Paso Doble): Michelle Bannister 1st, Jen Truby 2nd.
Original dance: Novice (Rock n Roll): Sadie Robbins 1st;
Primary (Charleston): Charlotte Hester 1st, Ryan Sowter 2nd, Paul Dredge 3rd
Junior (Cha Cha): Rebecca Forsyth 1st, Helen Ingram 2nd, Claire Miller 3rd;
Intermediate (Waltz): Michelle Bannister 1st, Jen Truby 2nd, Leah Rogers 3rd;
Free dance 1.5 mins: Charlotte Hester 1st; 2 mins: Jen Truby 1st.

Free Skaters Have Mixed Start to Opens Season

Three BISC free skaters competed in the first Open of the year at Romford on February 28.

Jordan Brown came 4th of 4 in the Level 1 boys class, Seren Tudor came 7th of 11 in the Level 4 girls class and Charlotte Hester won bronze when she finished 3rd of 4 in the Level 7 girls class.

Nine Bracknell free skaters competed in the Bristol Open on March 16 - and five won medals, two of them gold.

Rhiannon Bailey came 7th of 12 in the Beginner girls, age 10 and under, class; Sally-Anne Adams did well to move up from 18th at last year's Bracknell Open and 10th at the Guildford Open to come 3rd of 13 in the Level 1 girls, 11 and over, class in which Amy Barnes came 10th; Jordan Brown was 3rd of 5 in the Level 1 boys class; Cara Rogers was 12th of 12 in the Level 4 girls class; David Truby was 1st of 2 in the Level 5 boys class; Charlotte Hester was 1st of 2 in the Level 7 girls class; Claire Miller was 3rd of 11 in the Level 8 ladies class and Leah Rogers was 6th of 6 in the Level 9 ladies class.

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