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BISC Archives - Artisitc Competition Jan 2005

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Artistic Competition January 2005

This competition was run by Bracknell Ice Skating Club on Tuesday 25th January 2005 at 5.00pm

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Competition Information and Rules:

Have you ever wanted to be Andy Pandy, James Bond or Tinkerbell???
Well – now’s your chance!!!

For those of you that have not done artistic competitions before – there are 5 judges – each looking at different aspects of your programme –

Technical Merit,
Artistic Impression,
Musical Interpretation,
Choreography and Costume/props,
and all judges also give a second mark for entertainment value.

We expect to offer these same classes in the Bracknell Open in April 2005, so you’ll get a chance to skate your programme at least twice, and other clubs run artistic classes in their Open competitions too. Note that props should be put on the ice by skaters (no other helpers), and nothing controlled by anyone other than a skater is allowed.

- Skaters must be a member of BISC. Entry fee - £4.00
- Closing date for entries is Sunday 23rd Jan 2005 at 9:30 am, draw to take place in café then.
- NISA standard as on Sunday 23rd Jan 2005.
- Age under 21 – any adults wanting to do an artistic, please let me know and I’ll add a class to the adult
   competition night next May.

Class 1
- Solo, level 1 and under (no minimum standard, but must not hold any of level 2 elements/free),
- 1 min 25 secs - 2mins 5 secs.
   (this class may be split by age, depending on the number of entries)

Class 2
- Solo, levels 2 and 3 (no minimum standard, but must not hold any of level 4 elements/free),
- 2 mins +/- 5 secs.

Class 3
- Solo, level 4 and above (must hold at least one of level 4 elements/free),
- up to 2 mins 30.

Class 4
- Group of 2 to 4 skaters,
- any standard,
- 2 min 30 +/-10 secs.

Fee is £4.00 per entry

Download a copy of the schedule here (Adobe pdf file)

Enquiries to

Entry forms available at reception, the club table or from the web site
Please ask your coaches