Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

BISC Archives - Artisitc Results 2005

Artistic Competition - Tuesday 25th January 2005 5:00pm

I hope you all enjoyed yourself tonight! Many thanks to all skaters who took part, to all parents who made costumes and props, and to all coaches who created the programmes! Some really fantastic results here. Many thanks too to all those who helped - Roy, Karen, Rachel, Taryn, Cara, Rosemary, Scott, Lawrie, Lesley - and especially Leah and Eleanor for their help putting the props on and off the ice!! As always, feedback is welcome to

The classes and results were as follows:

Overall Trophy Best Programme

Winner of the trophy for the most entertaining programme overall was Seren Tudor - Elvis!

Overall Trophy Best Costume & Props

Winner of the trophy for the best costume/props was Claire Minchinton for her wonderful cat outfit with all those little lights!

Solo Level 1 & Under

1 Harvey Clarke - Football Crazy
2 Sophie Torrington - Ugly Bug Ball
3 Amy Barnes - Puppet on a String
4 Ellie Hetebrij
5 Jordan Brown
6 Claire Lawley
7 Kali Turner
8 Charlotte Pollecutt-Gray
9 Edward Bissell

Solo Level 2 & 3

1 Olivia Clarke
2 Holly Jordan
3 Hannah Connor
4 Claire Minchinton
5 Zoe McBride
6 Emily Kellas
7 Rachel Kellas

Solo Level 4 & Above

1 Holly Kirkbride
2 Seren Tudor
3 Hannah Hetebrij
4 Bethany Jarvis

Group of 2 To 4 Skaters

1 Anna Minchinton, Claire Minchinton, Tani Turner - Magnificent Toy
2 Holly Jordan, Zoe McBride, Hannah Connor - Car Wash
3 Holly Kirkbride, Rhiannon Bailey, Emily Farrow - Macarena
4 Rebecca Brenikov, Anastasia Brenikov
5 Olivia Clarke, Harvey Clarke, Ellie Hetebrij
6 Hannah Hetebrij, Robyn Vaughan
7 Rhiannon Bailey, James Bailey
8 Rachael Cornish, Alana Hudson
9 Abigail Hurst, Melissa Dron