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BISC - Newsletter November 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - November 2004

Newcomers Do Well in Spin Spiral Jump

This year's elements competition, otherwise known as the Spin, Spiral, Jump, attracted 37 entries which was eight up on last year.

The event, now held annually instead of twice a year, once again gave a chance for those new to the sport to demonstrate their basic free skating elements in front of a friendly audience and judges as a step towards competing in Opens.

It brought to the spotlight some talented young newcomers who put to shame some others in the lower classes who have become almost veterans but who have failed to move up the test ladder or even improve in the same class. Thankfully some of the lower performances, as well as some of the higher ones, bode well for the future.


Under Level 1 (upright spin, forward spiral, three jump), girls: Rachael Potts 1st, Olivia Wessendorf 2nd, Sophie Torrington 3rd, Kali Turner 4th, Hannah Price 5th, Stephanie Hallson 6th, Charlotte Polecutt-Gray 7th; boys: Jordan Brown 1st, Kristian Callaghan 2nd, Harvey Clarke 3rd, Edward Bissell 4th, Matthew Torrington 5th.

Level 1 (upright spin, backward spiral, salchow): Amy Barnes 1st, Jen Truby 2nd, Eleanor Hetebrij 3rd, Melissa Dron 4th.

Level 2/3 (sit spin, straight line step sequence, flip): Jessica Ledermann 1st, Rachel Kellas 2nd, Hannah Connor 3rd, Anna Minchinton 4th, Olivia Clarke 5th, Robyn Vaughan 6th, Holly Jordan 7th, Christina Keating 8th, Zoe McBride 9th, Emily Kellas 10th.

Level 4/5 (spin with change of position, circular step sequence, axel): Fiona Piggott 1st, David Truby 2nd, Laura Connor 3rd, Bethany Jarvis 4th, Hannah Hetebrij 5th, Cara Rogers 6th, Seren Tudor 7th.

Level 6 and over (flying spin, serpentine step sequence, double toe-loop or double salchow): Charlotte Hester 1st, Chris Kerr 2nd.

Level 8 and over (combination spin, any step sequence, double flip or double loop): Leah Rogers 1st, Simon Waller 2nd.

BISC Skaters Win Solo Dance Titles

Tamsyn Pack finished the solo ice dance season on a high note to help make up for disappointment earlier in the year. Tamsyn was expected to win a medal, possibly gold, at the British junior solo dance championship at iceSheffield in July after qualifying in a top place. But she was prevented from competing because of a hip injury. Instead she travelled to Dumfries for the Scottish Solo Dance Championships on October 20 and won gold in the junior ladies' section after coming first of 10 in both the compulsory (blues) and free dance.

Christopher Hockaday won the Welsh intermediate men's solo dance championship title a few days later. He was the only competitor.

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