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BISC - Newsletter March/April 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - March/April 2004

Ice Dancers Get Season Off To Good Start 

Alexandra Palace — solo dance qualifier

A total of 11 BISC members competed in the British Solo Ice Dance Championship qualifier at Alexandra Palace on March 10-11.

Novice class: Sadie Robbins, 8, in her first qualifying competition, did very well to come 9th in the compulsory (fiesta tango), 9th in the original dance (march) and 10th overall out of 21 while Hayley Salmon, 8, coached by David Phillips and Lucine Chakmakjian and also doing her first qualifier, came 13th in the compulsory, 18th in the OD and 15th overall.

Primary class: Claire Miller, 12, and Fiona Piggott, 13, who have both competed in novice solo dance championships and have now moved up to primary, were beaten by Charlotte Hester, 12, in her first qualifying competition.

In the compulsory dance (foxtrot), Claire came 6th, Fiona 7th and Charlotte 12th out of 18 but Charlotte skated superbly in the rock’n’roll OD to come 6th with Claire 11th and Fiona 13th. This gave final positions of Charlotte 8th, Claire 9th and Fiona 11th. Charlotte was coached by Marcin Glowacki and Lynn Burton while Claire and Fiona are coached by David and Lucine.

Junior class: This was contested by Olivia Dick, 15, (coached by Marcin and Lynn) and Jen Truby, 15, (Mar-cin), who both started dance late and have to attempt to qualify at junior level in their first year, and by Helen Ingram, 13, a seasoned campaigner (coached by David and Lucine). In the compulsory dance (rocker foxtrot), Helen came 4th out of 14, Jen, who skated first, did well to come 9th while Olivia came 13th after a spectacular fall in the warm-up. In the tango OD, Helen was 7th, Jen 12th and Olivia 14th. The final results were the same.

Intermediate class: Taryn Dennison, 17, Michelle Bannister, 16, who reached the final last year, and Leah Rogers, 16, - all coached by Marcin although Michelle was also coached by Lynn—contested this class. In the compulsory dance (silver samba) Michelle came 5th, Leah 7th and Taryn 8th out of 9 while in the OD (paso doble) Michelle was 6th, and Leah and Taryn joint 7th which gave final positions of Michelle 6th, Leah 7th and Taryn 8th.

Coventry — dance qualifier

BISC’s two primary ice dance couples showed they mean business this season when they skated in the first qualifying competition of the year at Coventry.

Tamsyn Pack and Richard Boaden came 1st in the blues and tango compulsory dances and 1st overall while Rebecca Forsyth and Christopher Hockaday came 3rd in the blues, 2nd in the tango and 2nd overall.

Sixteen club members competed in the solo dance championship qualifier on March 25-26 when, it seems, many skaters were deceived by the size of the rink.

An abnormally high number of competitors fell, often after hitting the boards because many did not realise that the rink is not full-size.

But two Bracknell girls —Rebecca Forsyth and Claire Miller—qualified for the finals after finishing in the top two places behind skaters who had already qualified.

Novice class: Sadie Robbins did very well by coming 8th in the fiesta tango compulsory, 5th in the march original dance and 5th overall out of 25. Hayley Salmon skated her socks off to come 11th in the compulsory, 9th in the OD and 11th overall while Deanna Hockaday came 13th in the compulsory, 20th in the OD and 18th overall.

Primary class: Rebecca Forsyth and Claire Miller, both aged 12 and coached by David Phillips and Lucine Chakmakjian, qualified for the finals in July. Rebecca was 5th in the foxtrot compulsory, 5th in the rock ‘n’ roll OD and 5th overall while Claire was 7th in the compulsory, 7th in the OD and 6th overall out of 24.

Charlotte Hester really improved on her compulsory to come 6th but did not so well in her original dance, this time coming 11th which placed her 10th overall. Fiona Piggott was 9th in the compulsory, 13th in the OD and 11th overall.

Junior class: Christopher Hockaday, who like other boys just has to compete in two qualifying competitions to secure a place in the final, came 1st in the rocker foxtrot compulsory, 4th in the tango OD which he had only just finished learning before the event and 2nd overall out of 19.

Helen Ingram came 8th in the compulsory, 7th in the OD and 8th overall while Tamsyn Pack came 5th in the compulsory, 12th in the OD after a fall and 9th overall, Jen Truby came 17th in the compulsory after hitting the barrier, 14th in the OD and 15th overall, and Olivia Dick, who fell in front of the judges two seconds before the end of her OD, was 18th in the compulsory, 16th in the OD and 17th overall

Intermediate class: Richard Boaden was 8th in the compulsory (silver samba), 6th in the OD (paso doble) and 6th overall out of 14; Michelle Bannister was 6th in the compulsory, 8th in the OD and 7th overall; Leah Rogers was 9th in the compulsory, 10th in the OD and 10th overall while Lauren Francis was 13th in the compulsory, 14th in the OD and 14th overall.

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