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BISC - Newsletter July 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - July 2004

BISC wins silver and bronze for second year at NTC

BISC members did their club proud once again in the country’s top inter-club competition on June 27. They won silver in the prestigious show number section and bronze overall for the second successive year in the National Team Challenge.

This year’s result is even more satisfying because 10 clubs took part compared to six last year although the home club, Lee Valley, was unable to field a team. “The result is very satisfying and everyone involved in the Bracknell team should be proud of their achievement,” club chairman, Roy Welham, said. “It is always good to do well in the NTC because it involves so many club members. In addition to the skaters who go on the ice to win points, it brings together a lot of parents and adult members who make props and scenery and help with costumes and make-up, etc.”

Each club must enter eight out of 12 free skating, dance, artistic and synchronised skating classes. Much thought goes into considering which clubs are likely to contest which classes and whether to opt for those classes where there is likely to be less opposition. There is also a compulsory show number for up to 30 club members which is judged for music, choreography, costume and props, artistic impression and entertainment. Bracknell’s selection process resulted in medals being won in six of the nine classes.

Because not all clubs compete in each class, it is usually hard to tell how clubs are faring until the show number. But this only adds to the excitement.

Unlike last year, Bracknell contested the lowest free skating class which saw Hannah Hetebrij, 14, competing against skaters from all the other clubs in the girls or boys Level 3 and under class. She had one of her best skates to take 3rd place and win eight points for BISC. Chris Kerr, 13, again skated in the boys’ higher level class where he came 5th of seven and won six points.

Unlike last year, the club chose not to enter the pairs class although it had only three entries and either of Bracknell’s competitive pairs would have done well.

Once again Bracknell contested the solo compulsory dance class in which Claire Miller, 13, did very well to come 2nd of eight, winning nine points. Helen Ingram, who last year skated in the compulsory dance class, this year represented BISC in the solo free dance class where she came 6th of seven on her 14th birthday. Substituting for Tamsyn Pack who was injured, she skated very well but the other competitors were of a higher test standard. However it meant another five points in the bag for Bracknell.

One of the most interesting categories was the couples compulsory dance class for skaters up to Level 9. Last year BISC was represented by Tamsyn Pack and Richard Boaden, current British primary championship bronze medalists, whose opponents included Rebecca Forsyth and Christopher Hockaday, skating for Slough. With Tamsyn injured, Rebecca, 13, and Christopher, 15, currently British novice champions, represented Bracknell and won, giving the team 10 points.

BISC decided not to contest the veteran couple dance class but, for the second time, entered the synchronised skating class where it came 3rd of four last year. This time the team came 2nd of four, winning nine points. Bracknell’s skaters were Hannah Connor, Laura Connor, Rebecca Fraser, Laura Hartley, Rachel Heap, Bethany Jarvis, Eleanor Jarvis, Sarah Johnson, Rachel Kellas, Leah Rogers, Alison Ryder and Jen Truby. Again BISC opted for the solo exhibition class but Taryn Dennison, 17, was not well and nearly did not make the event. She finished 6th of seven, winning five points.

BISC’s final selection was the exhibition class for 2-4 skaters in which it entered Chicago skated by Sarah Johnson, 18, Leah Rogers, 16, Eleanor Jarvis, 16, and David Truby, 13, which won gold at the Bracknell Open. The programme again found favour with the judges, coming 3rd of 10 and securing eight points.

The club had high hopes going into the compulsory show number. Affectionately known as Ug and inspired by the Flintstones, it again featured excellent choreography by Jayne Campbell and a super array of props and scenery, again masterminded by Paul Minchinton. Their hard work paid off with 2nd place, and nine points, behind Basingstoke. Skating for BISC in the show number were Sarah Johnson with James Bailey, Rhiannon Bailey, Michelle Bannister, Elinor Bowes, Olivia Clarke, Harvey Clarke, Laura Connor, Hannah Connor, Taryn Dennison, Olivia Dick, Emily Farrow, Rebecca Forsyth, Hannah Hetebrij, Chris Hockaday, Bethany Jarvis, Eleanor Jarvis, Holly Jordan, Chris Kerr, Holly Kirkbride, Jessica Ledermann, Zoe McBride, Claire Miller, Anna Minchinton, Leah Rogers, David Truby, Jen Truby and Seren Tudor plus Paul Minchinton and Rachel Jarvis as the mastodon.

In addition to Jayne and Paul, the club thanks the following for helping with props and costumes: Vanessa Miller, Susanna Farrow, Jane Jordan, Petra Connor, Elaine & Greg Callaghan, Berni Hockaday, Rachel Jarvis, John Bailey, Debbie Kerr, Gill Groves, Sue Truby, Tony Bowes & Laura Hetebrij.

Result: Basingstoke 1st with 78 points, Alexandra Palace 2nd (71), Bracknell 3rd (69), Chelmsford 4th (68), Slough 5th (63.5), Gosport 6th (60.5), Guildford and Isle of Wight joint 7th (52), Streatham 9th (49) and Oxford 10th (35).

Best of Luck to Solo Dancers

BISC wishes the best of luck to members who are competing in the British Solo Ice Dance Championships at iceSheffield on July 24-25. They are: Hayley Salmon, 8, (novice); Charlotte Hester, 12, Rebecca Forsyth, Claire Miller, and Fiona Piggott, all aged 13, (primary); Chris Hockaday, 15, and Helen Ingram, 14, (junior); and Michelle Bannister, 16, and Richard Boaden, 16, (inter-mediate). Sara Holroyd, 17, who qualified for the intermediate, has withdrawn for family reasons. It means Leah Rogers, 16, will be able to compete in the finals. Tamsyn Pack, 14, has withdrawn from the junior due to injury.


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