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BISC - Newsletter December 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - December 2004

Contest Gets Skaters Moving

This year's field and dance moves competition attracted a total of 33 entries on November 9. This included nine entries by seven skaters in the two dance moves classes - a big improvement on last year when there was just one entry in each class - but only 24 entries in the six field moves classes.

Sadly the overall standard, particularly in much of the field moves, was low. But there were some good performances, notably Hannah Hetebrij, who moved up from first at prelim level last year to first at bronze, and Amy Barnes who moved from fourth at under Level 1 to first at novice.

As with other club competitions, the elements were geared to the abilities of skaters at different test levels, with the highest field moves class skating a pattern of moves devised by themselves which were judged for their innovation as well as execution.


Dance Moves, under Level 3 (continuous FO cross rolls, and FI curves): Sadie Robbins 1st; Paul Dredge 2nd, Hayley Salmon 3rd,Stephanie Francis 4th, Kristiana Hadley 5th, Laura Kerr 6th;
Under Level 6 (progressive FO 3-turns, and double mohawk serpentine sequence): Jen Truby 1st, Sadie Robbins 2nd, Hayley Salmon 3rd;
Field Moves, under Level 1 (FI and FO curves, and backwards check position): Jordan Brown 1st, Rachael Potts 2nd, Edward Bissell 3rd, Sophie Torrington 4th, Harvey Clarke 5th, Kali Turner 6th, Stephanie Hallson 7th;
Novice (crossovers and outside curves, and BI curves): Amy Barnes 1st, Kristian Callaghan 2nd. Yasmin Bell 3rd, Ellie Heterbrij 4th;
Prelim (inside 3-turns and crossovers, circular 3-turns and mohawks): Anna Minchinton 1st, Olivia Clarke 2nd, Hannah Connor 3rd, Zoe McBride 4th;
Inter-bronze (circular 3-turns and double 3-turns, and double mohawk serpentine): Robyn Vaughan 1st, Rachel Kellas 2nd;
Bronze (BO change edge into double 3-turns, and continuous straight line choctaws): Hannah Hetebrij 1st, David Truby 2nd. Laura Connor 3rd, Cara Rogers 4th, Jessica Ledermann 5th;
Inter-silver and over (own design): Charlotte Hester 1st, Leah Rogers 2nd.Moves
Trophy winner: Sadie Robbins.

Christmas Quiz

How much do you know about ice skating, BISC and its members? Here's a chance to find out. Enter our Christmas quiz and you could win a £10 voucher for the rink shop or towards lessons.

And there's another £10 voucher to be won in our word competition. Just list as many words as you can, of at least four letters, using the letters in the word CINDERELLA.

Both competitions are open to club members aged up to 16. Make sure your entry is in the publicity section of the club folder - either at the club table or rink reception-by January 1.


1) Where was Ice Precise placed in the 2004 British novice synchro championships?
2) Which title did Rebecca Forsyth & Christopher Hockaday win in February?
3) Who won the club's pairs skating competition in the spring?
4) Who are the current junior representatives on the club's committee?
5) Who were the two dancers interviewed on Radio Berkshire in May?
6) Who replaced Tim Newton as rink manager earlier this year?
7) What was the title of the club's show number in this year's National Team Challenge?
8) Who won the Jenna Matlay Memorial Trophy this year?
9) Who skated in the gala with their hands chained together?
10) Which club member won gold at the British Adult Championships?
11) Who was the first synchro
skater to win the Star Skater award?
12) What national competition is NISA introducing next year?

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