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BISC Archives - Artistic Competition Jan 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Artistic Competition January 2004

The following competition was run by the Bracknell Ice Skating Club Wednesday 28th January 2004 6:15pm

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Have you ever wanted to be Michael Jackson or Peter Rabbit???
Well – now’s your chance!!!

For those of you that have not done artistic competitions before – there are 5 judges – each looking at different aspects of your programme –

- Technical merit,
- Artistic impression,
- Musical interpretation,
- Choreography and costume/props,
- And all judges also give a second mark for entertainment value.

We expect to offer these same classes in the Bracknell Open in April 2004, so you’ll get a chance to skate your programme at least twice, and other clubs run artistic classes in their Open competitions too.

- Skaters must be a member of BISC. Entry fee - £4.00
- Closing date for entries is Sunday 25th Jan 2004 at 10 am, draw to take place in café then.
- NISA standard as on Sunday 25th Jan 2004.
- Age under 21 – any adults wanting to do an artistic, please let me know and I’ll add a class to the adult  competition night next May.

Class 1
Solo, level 1 and under (no minimum standard, but must not hold any of level 2 elements/free),
1 min 30 +/- 5 secs.
(this class may be split by age, depending on the number of entries)

Class 2
Solo, levels 2 and 3 (no minimum standard, but must not hold any of level 4 elements/free),
2 mins +/- 5 secs.

Class 3
Solo, level 4 and above (must hold at least one of level 4 elements/free),
up to 2 mins 30.

Class 4
Group of 2 to 4 skaters,
any standard,
2 min 30 +/-10 secs.

Have a go!!!

Fee is £4.00 per entry

Download a copy of the schedule here (Adobe pdf)

Enquiries to

Entry forms available at reception, the club table or from the web site
Please ask your coaches