Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

 Artistic Competition Results January 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Artistic Competition Final Results

The following competition was run by the Bracknell Ice Skating Club Wednesday 28th January 2004 6:15pm

Many thanks to all club members who helped tonight - Roy and Betty, Dave, Colin, James, Joy, Yvette, Jen, Leah, Rosemary, Paul and everyone else. Many thanks too to our judges - Jane Brown , Ted Mills, Pat Watson, George Black and Tim Newton. Then a big thanks too to all the parents who spent so much time on costumes and props - fantastic! and to the coaches and skaters! Well done, everyone. I hope you enjoyed yourself and will have another go at the Bracknell Open in April. It was good too, to see the star spot - if you fancy having a go next time, just let Sue Truby know, and you'll go on the list! As always, feedback is welcome to:

The classes and results were as follows:

Overall Trophy Best Programme

Joint Winners
Chicago - Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Jarvis, David Truby, Charlotte Hester
Tweetie Pie - Rhiannan Bailey, James Bailey

Overall Trophy Best Costume & Props

Chris 'The Spiv' Kerr

Solo Level 1 & Under

1 Kristian Callaghan - Robot Wars
2 Emily Kellas - Chim Chim Cheree (Mary Poppins)
3 Holly Jordan - Thoroughly Modern Millie
4 Claire Minchinton - We All Knew Barbie Was Getting On a Bit
5 Amy Barnes - Puppet On A String
6 Eleanor Hetebrij - Pinocchio
7 Claire Lawley - Spice Girls Song

Solo Level 2 & 3

1 Hannah Hetebrij - Diamonds - (Marilyn Monroe/Moulin Rouge)
2 Seren Tudor - Biking & Roller Skating
3 Christina Keating - Rock & Roll is Here To Stay
4 Olivia Clarke - Halfway Up The Stairs
5 Rachel Kellas - Musical Box - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Solo Level 4 & Above

1 Sarah Johnson - Rythmic Gymnastics/Skating (Ribbon)
2 Taryn Dennison - Flashdance
3 Leah Rogers - Better Place?
4 Chris Kerr - Only Fools & Horses

Group of 2 To 4 Skaters

1 Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Jarvis, David Truby, Charlotte Hester - Chicago
2 Holly Kirkbride, Emily Farrow - Grease
3 Rhiannan Bailey, James Bailey - Tweetie Pie
4 Holly Jordan, Hannah Connor, Zoe McBride - Singing In The Rain
5 Hannah Hetebrij, Robyn Vaughn, Laura Hartley, Chris Kerr - Some Of Our Favourite Things
6 Laura Connor, Bethany Jarvis - A Whole New World (Aladdin)
7 Rachael Cornish, Hannah Byrne, Allana Hudson, Melanie Froude - Kung Fu Fighting
8 Ellie Hetebrij, Olivia Clarke, Harvey Clarke - Andy Pandy
9 Anna Minchinton, Claire Minchinton, Kali Turner, Kristian Callaghan - Hunting Tigers