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BISC - Newsletter September 2003

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - September 2003

Gala night honour for Sara

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Vaughan, and the famed adults' Penguins programme starring Eunice Hester, Paul Minchinton, Val Toeman, Nicki Torrington and Sue Truby; solo free dances by Richard Boaden, Kerri-Anne Pounds, John Horne, Helen Ingram, Louisa Hicks and Rebecca Forsyth, couples' free dance by Kira Geil and Andrew Smykowski and a short synchronised skating programme by the new mixed-age team, Ice Crystals.

Unfortunately, Tamsyn Pack was not well enough to do her free dance programme although she did skate in the breathtaking Arabesque show number which ended the gala..

Originally choreographed by Jayne Campbell for this year's National Team Challenge -where it won the silver medal -it featured Andrew Smykowski and Kira Geil as Anthony and Cleopatra; Louisa Hicks and Sarah Johnson as mummies; Harvey Clarke as a baby mummy; Olivia Dick and Holly Kirkbride as a “camel” and belly dancers; Olivia Clarke, Hannah Connor, Laura Connor, Taryn Dennison, Charlotte Hester, Bethany Jarvis, Cara Rogers and Leah Rogers as belly dancers; Michelle Bannister, Emily Farrow, Katharine Farrow, Sara Holroyd, Eleanor Jarvis, Tamsyn Pack, Jen Truby and Seren Tudor as a harem; and James Bailey, Richard Boaden, John Horne, Chris Kerr, David Truby and LucTudor as sand dancers. The only one missing was the camel who, coming from a very different climate, probabl;y has an aversion to ice rinks!

Although fewer people than expected attended-possibly because of severe hold-ups on both the railway and local roads - generally the audience seemed to really enjoy the show, which, like last year's, had Chris Howarth introducing the skaters.

Guests at the event included Cllr Jim Finnie, representing the Mayor of Bracknell Forest; Cllr Bob Wyatt, chairman of Wokingham District Council; Cllr Ian Leake, chairman of Binfield Parish Council; and John Nike OBE, the club's president. There was also a lot of Guides!

The committee sincerely thanks everyone who was involved in the event in any way.

Fun night-hidden talents revealed among the merriment

BISC members revealed hidden talents when they took part in a new type of competition night on September 3.

Previously, the club's monthly competitions have been mostly serious affairs when competitors have been required to show the type of skills needed to pass national tests or to do well in Open competitions.

But BISC's new competitions organiser, Sue Truby, has drawn up a programme of competitions which includes a Fun Night when skaters return from their summer holidays and before they get back into training for winter events.

The first event of its kind at Bracknell included classes to see which skater could do the most jumps in a row or most spin rotations, improvised free skating and dance where competitors had to interpret music they had heard just a couple of times before they skated, an entirely new dance choreographed specially for the event, a shadow dance and longest teapot in addition to more traditional classes like skating a step sequence.

While some of the classes were open, others were for skaters above or below specified test standards. Although only about 25 club members took part, most skated in several classes bringing the total number of entries to at least 100. And just about everyone declared it great fun and a major success.

Token prizes were awarded to the first three in each of the 13 classes and everyone else was judged to have come fourth.

The event proved you don't have to be a high level skater to be able to do some things surprisingly well. They included Rachel Kellas and her sister Emily who managed 23 and 20 consecutive loop jumps, Charlotte Hester who managed almost as many consecutive axels as Simon Waller, and David Truby, Charlotte Hester and Sara Holroyd who all beat Simon and Sarah Johnson, in the teapot event.


consecutive axels: Sarah Johnson (30), 1st, Simon Waller (16), 2nd, Charlotte Hester (14), 3rd, Leah Rogers and David Truby, 4th;

consecutive loops: Rachel Kellas (23), 1st, Emily Kellas (20), 2nd, Helen Ingram (19), 3rd, James Bailey, Hannah Connor, Hannah Hetebrij, Holly Jordan, Jessica Ledermann, Claire Minchinton and Jen Truby, 4th;

spin rotations: Sophie Torrington, 1st, Olivia Wessendorff, 2nd, Kristian Callaghan, 3rd, Rhiannon Bailey and Ellie Hetebrij, 4th;

new dance: Helen Ingram, 1st, Jen Truby, 2nd. Michelle Bannister, 3rd, Charlotte Hester, Hannah Hetebrij, Sara Holroyd, Rachel Kellas and Fiona Piggott, 4th;

dance improvisation, under Level 5: Charlotte Hester,1st, Rachel Kellas, 2nd, Sarah Johnson, 3rd; over Level 4: Helen Ingram, 1st, Sara Holroyd, 2nd, Jen Truby, 3rd;

free skating improvisation, under Level 4: Holly Jordan, 1st, Hannah Hetebrij, 2nd, Rachel Kellas, 3rd, Kristian Callaghan, Olivia Clarke, Emily Kellas, Jessica Ledermann, Claire Minchinton and Kali Turner, 4th;

over Level 3: Sarah Johnson, 1st, Charlotte Hester, 2nd, Bethany Jarvis, 3rd;

shadow dance (killian): Jen Truby and Michelle Bannister, 1st, Sarah Johnson and Eleanor Jarvis, 2nd, Leah Rogers and Charlotte Hester, 3rd;

longest teapot: David Truby, 1st, Charlotte Hester, 2nd, Sarah Holroyd, 3rd, everyone else 4th;

spiral sequence: Bethany Jarvis, 1st, Hannah Hetebrij, 2nd, Hannah Connor and Jessica Ledermann, equal 3rd, Olivia Clarke, Holly Jordan, Kali Turner and Olivia Wessendorff, 4th;

step sequence, under Level 5: Fiona Piggott, 1st, Jen Truby, 2nd, Bethany Jarvis, 3rd, Olivia Clarke, Hannah Hetebrij, Helen Ingram, Holly Jordan, Emily Kellas, Rachel Kellas and Jessica Ledermann, 4th;

over Level 4: Sarah Johnson, 1st, Leah Rogers, 2nd, Charlotte Hester, 3rd.

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