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BISC - Newsletter December 2003

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Newsletter - December 2003

Disco Competition Benefits Synchro

More than 50 club members, including some adults, enjoyed the Christmas Disco on Ice held during the club session on December 18.

All taking part were offered free crisps and a drink by the committee and there was additional fun in the form of competitions like Longest Teapot while others had a go at pairs and shadow skating. No one was in a hurry to get off the ice at 8pm and all seemed to enjoy the opportunity to skate on ice which was neither a patch nor a public session.

* A Guess the Weight of the Cake competition, run during the disco, raised £48 for the club's synchro teams.

The iced fruit cake was made by Jean Harris whose daughter, Jaimie, used to skate with Ice Precise and Ice Metrics.

It weighed 1lb 11oz and was won by Miriam Brewster, mother of Zoe and Joelle Way, whose guess of 2lb was the closest.

The money will go towards the £3035 cost of providing Ice Precise and Ice Fusion with new dresses. The synchro section is also delighted and very grateful to have received £500 sponsorship from Waitrose.(captain).

Synchro Skater of the Month

Stephanie Francis is the latest club member to be named Synchro Skater of the Month.

After taking learn-to-skate courses, Stephanie, 12, began lessons in January with David Phillips who asked her to consider joining the synchro team. Stephanie has worked really hard all year, almost always with a smile on her face. Although only a reserve at Nottingham in November, the championship qualifying competition gave her lots of confidence to move forward. Passing her synchro tests earlier this month has also helped enormously.

Let Us Know What You Think - Chairman

Once again we have completed seven performances of our pantomime, writes BISC chairman, Roy Welham.

This was, as usual, a very good show. I am sure it was enjoyed by all those who took part and was well received by the audience. It is hard work for everybody-on the ice and off-but there is a sense of achievement when it all goes together successfully.

We must thank our President, Mr Nike, for his very generous gift of £500 which really helps our club funds during the season, plus the addition to the trust fund. Arrangements for the trust are almost complete so we can look forward to helping those who have the talent and desire to progress to higher levels in our sport. If you have any ideas on this, please let me know.

We will not be entering the Southern League in 2004 as it does not cater enough for our skaters (see page 4), but, for the benefit of our members, we will be attempting to have competitions with local clubs. Of course the highlight will be the National Team Challenge which caters for all disciplines and has a show number for up to 30 skaters. If anyone has ideas for a suitable theme, please let me know.

I send best wishes to all our members entering Open competitions around the country-have a good skate and enjoy yourself. I am sure you will make many friends as you go round.

The committee is always willing to listen to members' ideas on how our club runs so please speak to the junior representatives, Leah Rogers and Simon Waller, or put it in writing and either hand it in at the club table or leave for me at reception.

Finally, have a Very Happy and Successful New Year. Have fun and enjoy your skating whatever disciplines you skate in.

Let us know what you think
- chairman

Who's Who on the BISC Committee


Chairman - Roy Welham
Vice-chairman - Laura Hetebrij
Treasurer - Gill Groves
Secretary - Rosemary Rogers


Sarah Johnson, Ali Ledermann, Chris Piggott, Leah Rogers, Sue Truby, Gail Tudor, Ian Turner, Scott Waller, Simon Waller, Pat Watson, Elaine Callaghan, Paula Dron.

Who does what:

Competitions secretary: Sue Truby
Assistant to competitions secretary: Sarah Johnson
Membership secretary: Gail Tudor
Publicity & newsletter: Scott Waller
Website: Gail Tudor and Ian Turner
Synchro reps: Sacha Hartley
Dance rep: Sue Truby
Junior Reps: Leah Rogers & Simon Waller
Fundraising/grants organiser:
Merchandising: Laura Hetebrij
200 Club: Scott Waller
Trophy secretary: Christine Piggott
Gala organiser: Scott Waller
National Team Challenge: Sacha Hartley, Laura Hetebrij, Sarah Johnson, Rosemary Rogers and Sue Truby.
Club table organiser: Laura Hetebrij
Secondhand sales organiser: Pat Watson
Social secretary: Paula Dron
Coaches' rep: (ex-officio): Jon Bonny.

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