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BISC Archives - Spin/Spiral/Jump Oct 2009

Club Spin Spiral & Jump Competition 20th October 2009

The club Spin Spiral Jump competition was held on 20th October 2009.

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Original Class information Etc.

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BISC competition Entry Form (pdf format)

BISC competition Entry Form (Word format)

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Skating up

Due to tests taking place on 20th October, the day of the spin spiral jump competition, the following amendment to the rules has been agreed so that skaters who are likely to move up a relevant test level on the day of the competition can "skate up" if they want to. A skater may apply to compete in a higher class than their tests allow only if all of the following apply:

The skater is officially scheduled to take one or more tests which are after the closing date but on or before the date of competition. If the skater had passed those tests before the closing date the skater would have been automatically eligible to compete in that higher class. Their coach agrees that they may skate in that higher class
The application to skate in the higher class must be made before the closing date and the form should clearly indicate "skating up". Should the skater not pass the tests entered on the day then they will still remain in the higher class in the 2009 competition.