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BISC Archives - Artistic Competition Jan 2006

Bracknell Ice Skating Club Artistic Competition - Tuesday 31st January 2006

The following Artistic Competition was run on Tuesday 31st January 2006 5:00pm

Many congratulations to all our skaters taking part tonight - some really original and excellent programmes! Many thanks too to all the helpers without whom we couldn't run these competitions - Gill Groves, Rebecca Bannister, Janice Morris, Rachel Jarvis, Gail Tudor, Debbie Kerr, Colin Rogers, Jane Jordan, Karen Clarke, Eleanor Jarvis, Lawrie McLennan, Rebecca Brenikov, Pat Watson, Leah Rogers and everyone else who helped. Thanks too to all the parents who worked so hard on costumes and props. As always, feedback is welcome to:

The classes and results were as follows:

Overall Trophy Best Programme

Winner of the trophy for the most entertaining programme overall was: Bethany Jarvis with Monkey Magic

Overall Trophy Best Costume & Props

Winner of the trophy for the best costume/props was: Sophie Torrington with Casualty

Solo Level 1 & Under

1 Alaksei Pilko - Cowboy
2 Sophie Torrington - Casualty
3 Ellie Hetebrij - Going To The Zoo Tomorrow
4 Anastasia Palikeras
5 Matthew Torrington
6 Kali Turner
7 Harvey Clarke

Solo Level 2 & 3

1 Olivia Clarke - 9 to 5
2 Jordan Brown
3 Amy Barnes
4 Emily Kellas

Solo Level 4 & 5

1 Bethany Jarvis - Monkey Magic
2 Hannah Hetebrij
3 Seren Tudor

Solo Level 6 & Above

1 Chris Kerr - Ozzie Osborne

Group of 2 To 4 Skaters

1= James & Rhiannon Bailey
1= Holly Jordon, Zoe McBride, Hannah Connor
3 Ellie Hetebrij, Amy Barnes, Sophie Torrington
4 Jordan Brown & Hayley Salmon
5 Laura and Hannah Connor