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BISC Archives - Field & Dance Results 2005

Field Moves & Dance Moves Results - November 29th 2005

Many thanks to all those who came along and helped tonight - without you we couldn't run club competitions. As always, feedback is welcome to

Overall winner of the Field Moves/Dance Moves trophy was Claire Minchinton!

The classes and results were as follows:

Field Move class 1 Under level 1 (beginner)

Novice FM: exercise no 3 (spirals) and exercise no 4 (backwards check position)

1 Lilly Holland
2 Stephanie Hallson
3 Anastasia Palikeras
4 Harvey Clarke
5 Kali Turner
6 Tani Turner

Field Move class 2 Novice

Prelim FM: exercise no 1 (crossovers and outside curves) and exercise no 5 (backward inside curves)

1 Anders Blaaberg Clausen
2 Sophie Torrington
3 Rachael Potts
4 Carly Knowles
5 Ellie Hetebrij
6 Louise Blaaberg Clausen

Field Move class 3 Prelim

Inter-bronze FM: exercise no 3 (inside three turns and crossovers) and exercise no 4 (Circular three turns with Mohawks)

1 Claire Minchinton
2 Holly Jordan
3 Amy Barnes
4 Kristian Callaghan

Field Move class 4 Inter-Bronze

Bronze FM: Exercise no 2 (Circular three turns and double three turns) and Exercise no 4 (Double Mohawk serpentine step)

1 Rachel Kellas
2 James Bailey
3 Jordan Brown
4 Anna Minchinton
5 Olivia Clarke

Field Move class 6 Inter-Silver and over

Make up your own. Judging was for innovation as well as performance.

1 Leah Rogers
2 Charlotte Hester
3 Hannah Hetebrij