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BISC Archives - Bonny Garner Results 2005

Bonny Garner Free Skating Competition Results

Many thanks to all those who came and helped tonight - Paul, Sacha, Karen, Gill, Christine, Fiona, Yvette, Rosemary and Laura.

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The classes and results were as follows:

1A Garner Trophy for girls, under level 2, 1.5 mins

1 Amber-Jayne Holmes
2 Amy Barnes
3 Olivia Wessendorff
4 Sophie Torrington
5 Rachael Potts
6 Rhiannon Bailey
7 Hannah Price
8 Yasmin Bell
9 Ellie Hetebrij
10 Olivia Bates
11 Kali Turner

1B Garner Trophy for boys, under level 2, 1.5 mins

1 Harvey Clarke

2A Jon Bonny Cup for girls, 1.5 mins

1 Hannah Connor
2 Zoe McBride
3 Anna Minchinton
4 Sadie Robbins
5 Rachel Kellas
6 Emily Kellas
7 Olivia Clarke

2B Jon Bonny Cup for boys 1.5 mins

1 Jordan Brown

3A Novice Cup for girls, 2 mins

1 Bethany Jarvis
2 Seren Tudor
3 Cara Rogers
4 Hannah Hetebrij

3B Novice Cup for boys 2 mins

1 David Truby
2 James Bailey

4A Bracknell Cup for girls, 2.5 mins

1 Charlotte Hester

4B Bracknell Cup for boys 2.5 mins

1 Chris Kerr

5A Elite Trophy for girls, any length

1 Claire Miller
2 Leah Rogers

5B Elite Trophy for boys any length

1 Simon Waller