Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

Field & Dance Move Results November 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Field & Dance Moves Final Results November 2004

Many thanks to all those skaters who took part and also to the coaches who gave up their time and the parents who came along and supported. Thans too to all those who helped behind the scenes - we couldn't run club competitions without you! As always, feedback is welcome to

Overall winner of the Field Moves/Dance Moves trophy was Sadie Robbins!

The classes and results were as follows:

Dance Moves class 1 under level 3

Level 1 DM, exercise 1= Continuous FO cross rolls Level 2 DM, exercise 1= FI curves..

1 Sadie Robbins
2 Paul Dredge
3 Hayley Salmon
4 Stephanie Francis
5 Kristiana Hadley
6 Laura Kerr

Dance Moves class 2 under level 6

Level 4 DM, exercise 2= Progressive FO 3 turns Level 6 DM, exercise 2= Double Mohawk serpentine sequence

1 Jen Truby
2 Sadie Robbins
3 Hayley Salmon

Field Move class 1 Under level 1 (beginner)

Novice FM: exercise no 1 (forward inside and forward outside curves) and exercise no 4 (backwards check position)

1 Jordan Brown
2 Rachael Potts
3 Edward Bissell
4 Sophie Torrington
5 Harvey Clarke
6 Kali Turner
7 Stephanie Hallson

Field Move class 2 Novice

Prelim FM: exercise no 1 (crossovers and outside curves) and exercise no 5 (backward inside curves)

1 Amy Barnes
2 Kristian Callaghan
3 Yasmin Bell
4 Ellie Hetebrij

Field Move class 3 Prelim

Inter-bronze FM: exercise no 3 (inside three turns and crossovers) and exercise no 4 (Circular three turns with Mohawks)

1 Anna Minchinton
2 Olivia Clarke
3 Hannah Connor
4 Zoe McBride

Field Move class 4 Inter-Bronze

Bronze FM: Exercise no 2 (Circular three turns and double three turns) and Exercise no 4 (Double Mohawk serpentine step)

1 Robyn Vaughn
2 Rachel Kellas

Field Move class 5 Bronze & Over

Inter-Silver FM: Exercise no 1 (Back outside change of edge into double three turns) and Exercise no 6 (Continuous straight line Choctaws)

1 Hannah Hetebrij
2 David Truby
3 Laura Connor
4 Cara Rogers
5 Jessica Ledermann

Field Move class 6 Inter-Silver and over

Make up your own. Judging was for innovation as well as performance.

1 Charlotte Hester
2 Leah Rogers