Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

 Spin,Spiral & Jump Results 12th October 2004

Bracknell Ice Skating Club - Spin, Spiral & Jump Competition Final Results

The following competition was run by the Bracknell Ice Skating Club Tuesday 12th October 2004 - 6:15pm

Many thanks to all who helped - in the AV room, on the gate and with results! We couldn't have these competitions without you! Next competition is Field and Dance Moves - Tuesday 9th November, 6.15 again.

The classes and results were as follows:

Class 1A - Under Level 1 Girls

Upright spin, forward spiral and 3 jump

1 Rachael Potts
2 Olivia Wessendorf
3 Sophie Torrington
4 Kali Turner
5 Hannah Price
6 Stephanie Hallson
7 Charlotte Polecutt-Gray

Class 1B - Under Level 1 Boys

Upright spin, forward spiral and 3 jump

Jordan Brown
Kristian Callaghan
Harvey Clarke
Edward Bissell
Matthew Torrington

Class 2 - Level 1

Upright spin, backwards spiral and salchow

1 Amy Barnes
2 Jen Truby
3 Eleanor Hetebrij
4 Melissa Dron

Class 3 - Level 2/3

Sit spin, straight line step sequence and flip

1 Jessica Ledermann
2 Rachel Kellas
3 Hannah Connor
4 Anna Minchinton
5 Olivia Clarke
6 Robyn Vaughn
7 Holly Jordan
8 Christina Keating
9 Zoe McBride
10 Emily Kellas

Class 4 - Level 4/5

Spin with one change of position (min 4 revs in each position), from sit/camel/upright, circular step sequence and axel

1 Fiona Piggott
2 David Truby
3 Laura Connor
4 Bethany Jarvis
5 Hannah Hetebrij
6 Cara Rogers
7 Seren Tudor

Class 5 - Level 6 and over

Flying spin (free choice) with min 6 revs in landing position, serpentine step sequence and double toe-loop or double salchow

1 Charlotte Hester
2 Chris Kerr

Class 6 - Level 8 and over

Combination spin with (min) one change of foot and one change of basic position, min 5 revs on each foot, any step sequence and double flip or double loop

1 Leah Rogers
2 Simon Waller